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Demonstrators in Chicago demand Trump release tax returns

16 Avril 2017

"Donald Trump's refusal to release his tax returns violates a bipartisan presidential practice that goes back to Watergate" said Congressman Jamie Raskin (D-MD).

President Trump speaks during the National Prayer Breakfast on February 2 in Washington.

Many of those present at the marches also raised the prospect that the President could enjoy far lower tax rates than most ordinary taxpayers.

If the president released his tax returns, would that satisfy?

In Berkeley, California violent clashes erupted between Trump supporters and opponents.

Dozens of police officers in riot gear were monitoring the volatile demonstrations.

That rally was about free speech, according to local news reports. "No more special breaks for Wall Street".

"I think this lack of transparency. this hiding of what you're doing actually hiding what's happening before the American people is something that people need to be angry about", said Richard Mitchell, a protester.

Activists organized the mass protest, named "Tax March" in honor of Tax Day, to demand the White House to release the president's tax returns. Recent polling shows 74% of Americans want to see his tax returns.

Two of the largest events are in Seattle, site of the World Trade Organization protests of the 1990s. The tax law specialist and CPA added Trump could have released his most recent returns despite being audited.

The rally, which will also feature music and a 13-foot "Chicken Don" balloon, comes on a day of marches and demonstrations across the country, including NY and Washington D.C.

On Saturday morning, Tax March participants started tweeting pictures of the signs they would be carrying and images from the beginning of the marches.

"This is also about having a tax system that is fair", she said. At least 21 people were arrested.

The White House could not be reached immediately for comment on the marches.

"Today across America we are taking the gloves off", said Sen.

"There's a lot of dots connecting him to Putin, and I think his taxes would reveal the final dot", said Leslie Thiel, a 58-year-old who drove up from Jackson Springs, N.C.

Retired stateworker Phil Miller brought a copy of his tax return to share with the media, along with a copy of a letter that he sent to government officials stating that he won't pay his tax bill until Trump discloses his tax return.

The protests were timed to coincide with the traditional mid-April deadline for Americans to file their tax returns. But Democrats in Congress continue to use tax returns as a wedge issue. Organizers claimed more than 180 events were planned across 48 states in an effort to counter Trump's frequent assertions that nobody cares about his tax return.

Trump may have seen some of the protesters Saturday as he went by auto from Mar-a-Lago to his golf club in West Palm Beach.

But it wasn't exactly damning.

Demonstrators in Chicago demand Trump release tax returns