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China's Xi congratulates Macron on French election win

08 Mai 2017

"Regarding the legislative election in June, Le Pen pledged to "constitute a new political force", and called on "all patriots" to join her".

Other estimations also indicate that Macron garnered between 65 to 66.1 percent of votes, and Le Pen between 33.9 to 35 percent.

There has been a palpable sense of relief among European leaders.

Among those cheering Macron's victory are officials in Brussels who work with the European Union.

Trump also tweeted a brief message of congratulations to Macron.

At just 39, Macron is France's youngest leader ever - breaking a 169-year record held by the famed French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who took power at age 40. "But they did not know France!"

Mr Macron is pro-EU, and in favour of free market economics and the reform of French labour law and pension arrangements. His improbable path to victory has been extraordinary in that it included dispatching France's two major political parties, the Socialists and the Republicans. Le Pen, however, threatened to leave the European Union, starting by renegotiating France's use of the Euro as its currency. "I think Macron in the next five years will ignore these grievances and this anger at his own peril".

Le Pen, meanwhile, is an isolationist.

Although she performed worse than final polls had indicated, her anti-globalisation, anti-immigrant, high-spending manifesto attracted an estimated 11 million votes.

"These are the basics of the National Front, which enabled this movement to be the only one which was set up in the 20th century and which has endured", the 88-year-old said on RTL radio.

"The Prime Minister warmly congratulates President-elect Macron on his election success".

What has the global reaction been?

"I look very much forward to working with him", Trump tweeted.

Emmanuel Macron has won the presidency.

"The task that we're facing is enormous. we will have to look at aspects related to public life. give a place to each and refound our Europe and ensure the safety of all the French people".

Le Pen senior had harsh words for Philippot, saying he was "one of the main people to blame for Marine Le Pen's defeat". They remain to be convinced by his political programme, unlike Brussels, which is delighted.

Ms Le Pen is the youngest of the three daughters of Jean-Marie Le Pen, who co-founded the National Front.

- Emmanuel Macron and his independent En Marche!

What challenges lie ahead for Mr Macron?

But many observers are sceptical about his ability to win a parliamentary majority, meaning he might have to form a coalition of lawmakers committed to his agenda.