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Corbyn might not do TV debates if May declines them

08 Mai 2017

In Labour's first major policy statement on the issue of the election campaign, the party on Monday signalled that it would take a different approach to the two-year process of negotiating the European Union exit - expected to start in June, the BBC reported.

"We are confident that if the British public gets to see that debate, the public would respond to Labour's message and that's one of the reasons of course why they're running scared". In contrast, it accused the Conservative government of "rigidity and recklessness" in its approach to leaving the EU.

Laying out his party's vision for Brexit in London on Tuesday, Starmer sought to offer British voters a clear alternative to May's plans for a "hard Bexit".

Sign up for the online chat with Air Force Deputy CIO Bill Marion II on May 9, at 10 a.m. (EDT). "It is removing options before we've started - and it's a reckless approach".

It's new Brexit white paper would focus on retaining some access to the Single Market's 510M consumers and the Customs Union.

"As it now stands membership of the single market is incompatible with our clarity about the fact that freedom of movement rules have to change", he said, adding that "freedom of movement will have to end".

She is backed by more than 60% of votes to do a more capable job than Mr Corbyn, who was supported by only 23%. However, this needn't be a disadvantage for the party; in 1997 Blair embraced the broad church of ideas within the party, and was able to unite MPs and members under one common aim, getting Labour back into government.

Hiring freeze or thaw? This, he will say, will "make sure that all EU-derived laws-including workplace laws, consumer rights and environmental protections-are fully protected without qualifications, limitations or sunset clauses". Instead of a Great Repeal Bill to transfer European Union laws into British law, Labour would introduce an European Union rights and protections Bill to ensure that all employment and environmental protections would survive Brexit.

Despite enormous polling leads for the Conservatives the spokesperson said politics as a whole was in a "fluid situation" and Corbyn would benefit from improved media coverage during the campaign.

Starmer told the BBC that this would "reset the tone" of fractious negotiations and build goodwill toward Britain.

He added that the "issue" was not who wakes up as prime minister on June 9 but whether Labour is able to win enough seats to form an effective opposition to the Conservative government.

Corbyn might not do TV debates if May declines them