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Texas passes bill attacking sanctuary cities, allowing police to demand immigration status

08 Mai 2017

"It's very sad to see in the state of Texas today", he said. Abbott already has withheld $1.5 million in state grants for Travis County, home of the state capital, to punish the sheriff for her stand on immigration detainers. Senate Bill 4, which was approved by a House vote Wednesday, would void the kind of policies San Antonio and most big-city police departments have on the books barring officers from inquiring about immigration status in routine police encounters.

Known as Senate Bill 4, the legislation is all but guaranteed to become law.

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What does the bill actually say?

President Trump signed directives to strip federal funding from "sanctuary" cities that shield "illegal" immigrants.

Critics of the bill said it would make immigrants afraid to report crimes or participate I police investigations out of fear that they could be deported. "Nowhere in this bill does it allow officers to stop someone exclusively to enforce federal immigration law", said Sen. Sylvia Garcia disagreed and said that the law will result in police officers "investigating the immigration status of a person, including children, without probable cause". They are not undocumented immigrants.

"It's gone from a bad bill to a really, really bad, frightful bill that will result in police officers investigating the immigration status of a person, including children, without probable cause", said Sen. Taking action to make her city a "sanctuary" has drawn criticism and retaliation.

Now, Texas law enforcement is anxious about that effect getting worse in the state's big cities, where fear is already impacting policing. She said she has always followed the law "and that will not change".

How did we get here?

"This passage of SJR 2 (HJR 39) culminated over three years of hard work by 125 thousand Texas patriots". The lawmakers that supported HB4, however, have argued that will protect Texas from serious criminals, echoing claims made by President Donald Trump.

And so far, the federal judges have mostly agreed with the arguments of the minority plaintiffs.

The number of Latinos reporting rape in Houston is down 42.8 percent from previous year, Garcia said, and reports of other violent crimes has dropped 13 percent, due to fear of deportation.

Sessions has taken an unyielding stance against sanctuary cities, which he has pledged to aggressively target.

The bill's House sponsor, Rep. Rick Miller, told lawmakers that he did not wish to rewrite the U.S. Constitution. "We're going to battle them every step of the way".

"We have a problem in our state and particularly our country".

Plaintive cries could be heard from both chambers as deadlines for passing bills began approaching, as literally hundreds of House and Senate bills - some important, some not - began dying because they had not been assigned to a committee, or they had not received a public hearing or they had not been approved by a committee. The other method allows two-thirds of the state legislatures to call for a convention to propose amendments.

This measure would make Texas the first state to ban sanctuary cities under the Trump administration when it goes into effect September 1. "If it was the goal of Governor Abbott and GOP legislative leaders to terrorize the Latino community, they have succeeded".