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Trump's FCC chairman announces plans to abandon net neutrality enforcement

08 Mai 2017

During the FCC's May meeting, the Commission will be voting on a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking that starts the process of eliminating the main studio rule.

Today, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai announced his plan to roll back net neutrality protections for Americans.

If the FCC's 2015 Open Internet order is reversed, the net neutrality rules prohibiting the blocking and throttling of content as well as paid prioritization would be nullified. The regulations reclassified ISPs much like utilities.

Pai is expected to discuss his vision for keeping open internet principles, but getting rid of the utility-style framework of net neutrality during a Wednesday speech in Washington, Politico reported.

"Two years ago, I warned that we were making a serious mistake", Pai said at the Newseum in Washington, where he laid out the plan in a speech, according to the New York Times. He wants to go back to the internet rules instituted in 1996 under President Clinton and a Republican Congress.

With the Donald Trump presidency came a new Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman, Ajit Pai, and he has been hinting at changing how the FCC regulates the industry in ways that will impact net neutrality regulations.

"This will be the beginning of the discussion, not the end", Pai said. On 18 May, the proposal will undergo an initial vote as well as face public comments, which could take several months.

CenturyLink said Pai's plan offers a "long-sought-after solution to the problem of over-regulating the Internet and helping the internet ecosystem continue to evolve to meet growing consumer demand".

The giants of the industry, however, had mostly maintained a silence, at best only offering general statements of support for net neutrality.

If left in place, however, the Title II rules could harm the commercial internet, which Pai described as "one of the most incredible free market innovations in history".

Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups are also lining up in opposition.

Under the FTC, the agency would bring an enforcement action only after finding a broadband provider violated its net neutrality promises.

"If you don't have a fast, fair and open Internet, how can you provide the kind of access to information that students need?"

Title II, therefore, extended the FCC's full regulatory authority to ISPs, authority that it then used to impose net neutrality rules. He also emphasized that he is opposed to Title II which the Obama government utilized to succeed in implementing the net neutrality rules.

Internet providers like AT&T Inc T.N , Verizon Communications Inc VZ.N and Comcast Corp CMCSA.O have argued net neutrality rules make it harder to manage internet traffic and investment in additional capacity less likely.

Trump's FCC chairman announces plans to abandon net neutrality enforcement