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UN climate talks begin amid uncertainty over US position

08 Mai 2017

While U.S. representatives are in Bonn, Germany, this week for United Nations climate change meetings, President Donald Trump's advisers will meet Tuesday to discuss what to do about a global emissions-cutting deal, officials said.

Some fear a U.S. withdrawal from the agreement would dampen enthusiasm among other signatories for ramping up national emissions-cutting targets. While politics and policies may change, science is giving us a clear and consistent message about climate change.

In the White House, the exit camp has argued that remaining in the deal would threaten Trump's domestic energy agenda. "I urge the Trump Administration not to turn over America's worldwide leadership role on climate change and clean energy to China by retreating from our place at the table".

"We definitely want to ask the Senate and the U.S. Congress to keep as much of the U.S. contribution as possible to the United Nations and to the climate work". White House counsel Don McGahn reportedly believes otherwise. "The implementation of effective climate policy mechanisms and the regular monitoring of outcomes is vital for investors to make well-informed investment decisions that can also better support governments in delivering their national commitments and priorities".

Gov. Jay Inslee and 11 other governors sent a letter to President Trump Wednesday urging the administration to continue the United States' involvement in the worldwide Paris Climate Agreement. Trump has targeted that regulation, along with a slew of others.

Macron becomes not only France's youngest-ever president but also one of its most unlikely.

Even if Trump does opt to leave, stipulations in the deal mean the USA would likely have to remain until the end of 2020 - when the next U.S. presidential election is scheduled to occur.

This will be done by curbing greenhouse gas emissions from burning oil, coal and gas - an objective to which countries have pledged voluntary, nationally determined "contributions". Moreover, it would create an awkward dynamic at high-level global gatherings like the G7 and G20 summits.

The delegation will be led by Trigg Talley, a senior diplomat who has lead climate negotiating teams for the state department at previous meetings.

"The world needs America's leadership to combat the dangers posed by climate change", said Kaine".

The May meeting is a staging-post for the annual climate change conference - COP23 - which will be held in November 2017 and the preparation of its key outcomes.

"The question of whether this creates a hard backdrop for the negotiations is clearly a "yes", said Paula Caballero, who heads the climate programme at the Washington-based World Resources Institute (WRI).

UN climate talks begin amid uncertainty over US position