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EPA Removes Climate Change Info From Their Website

09 Mai 2017

The updates came just a day before thousands are set to march on Washington call attention to the "global climate crisis" and what they see as issues with the Trump Administration's environmental agenda.

The Washington event, which coincided with Trump's 100-day milestone, follows an exclusive interview with Reuters in which the president reflected wistfully at his life as a billionaire real estate developer that he left behind after his January 20 inauguration.

On Saturday, a group of protesters were in Pine Hills for the Orlando People's Climate March, a rally and march to call for changes to White House Environmental policy regarding climate change.

Some protest signs put a twist on Trump's famous slogan "Make America Great Again".

KANE: The boos quickly turned to chants of shame. "Let's move forward." While marchers in Washington dealt with a heatwave, protesters in Denver braved the snow, adding a visual metaphor to their rallies.

Sister marches were planned across the country, including one in Oakland that was attended by 300 to 400 people.

Mr Trump's representatives had no immediate comment on the protest.

"It has been an afternoon of activism here in Manhattan", RT's Caleb Maupin reported from the scene as demonstrators gathered outside the International Trump Hotel near the Central Park.

On Day 100 in office, Trump to visit Pennsylvania to talk tough on trade, mark milestone with rally. "I wish this was fake news", "100 days of bigotry" and others, dedicated to environment, immigration and other matters. President Donald Trump has, on more than one occasion, shared his total disbelief that humans could possibly cause temperatures to rise.

Trump described the Paris agreement as "one-sided" and said the United States paid "billions" toward the deal while countries such as China, Russia and India paid "nothing".

Even before his appointment to the agency, Scott Pruitt has expressed his uncertainties about the science of climate change. Marchers there said they were concerned about the threat rising seas pose to the city.

The march began near the Capitol Building, with participants gathering in seven different sub-sections based on how they will feel the impact of climate change. "Students participating is so important and so is how this march combines social justice with climate change".

The website changes will comply with agency ethics and legal guidance, including proper archiving, so a snapshot of the Obama administration's website would remain available from the main page, the statement said.

EPA Removes Climate Change Info From Their Website