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In US, French vote a relief to some Fed officials

09 Mai 2017

Defeated US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who like Macron had her campaign hacked, tweeted: "Victory for Macron, for France, the European Union, & the world".

He added that he would "guarantee the unity of the nation and. defend and protect Europe", the BBC reported.

He acknowledged divisions in society which drove people to "vote to the extreme", and said he will work for all of France.

As he awaits the transfer of power that will formally install him as France's new president, Emmanuel Macron has been left in no doubt that the hardest part of his task starts now.

As of press time, 99.99 percent of votes had been counted, and Macron won 66.06% of the vote, according to France's interior ministry.

A Le Pen victory would have been cited as evidence of a nativist movement sweeping the Western world, validating Mr Trump's election.

After Macron's win, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker's chief of staff, Martin Selmayr, tweeted: "Kick off. Austria".

Some worry that the unwinding of the European Central Bank's bond-buying scheme risks sparking a new crisis in highly indebted member states like Italy.

Nevertheless, Mr Macron's choice of prime minister will provide an early indication of the new president's policy options, and will set the tone of his domestic strategy.

Macron is passionately pro-businesses and pro-EU.

Defeated candidate Marine Le Pen tried to tap into concerns about German dominance of Europe in the latter stages of her campaign, saying France would be run by a woman - either her or Mrs Merkel. This suggests that voters' anger remains strong in France, and the new government will have to contend with this disaffection.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he wanted to work together with Macron on a "progressive agenda" to "promote Global security, increase collaboration in science and technology, and create good, middle-class jobs on both sides of the Atlantic". "We'll wait and see", Bolivar said.

And the same opinion surveys which put Mr Macron's supporters well ahead of their opponents also contain serious warnings for the incoming president. In his words France, by electing Macron as president, has showed Slovakia a way "to stop people in politics, who only criticise and offer only conflict and egotistic solutions", Zuzana Čižmáriková, the head of the communication department at parliament informed TASR. He would also know that in the main the voters of the Republican, Socialist and Communist variety backed him principally to stop Ms Le Pen, whose party's past is stained by collaboration with Nazi Germany, anti-Semitism and racism, although she is trying to jettison that image.

One proponent of euro bonds told Reuters on Monday that Macron's clear win in Sunday's election could mark a step toward creation of such instruments.

On top of all those challenges, the French go to the polls twice in June for a contest to fill the seats in France's lower house of parliament, the National Assembly. He said on Friday that he had already chosen his prime minister but would not reveal who it was until after taking office.

In a time of dramatic, applecart-upsetting votes-the American and Austrian presidential elections, the Dutch general elections and the Brexit referendum-this might come as a surprise.

"Thank you for having fought with courage and benevolence over so many months", Macron, 39, said.

In US, French vote a relief to some Fed officials