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Amazon Shows Us Another Echo, This One With Touchscreen

11 Mai 2017

In some features, it resembles the Echo, the Fire tablets and Fire TV streaming devices.

Have Alexa play your favourite music or play from YouTube or just check the weather forecast.

But the goal of the Echo Show is to display video content, say news clips, at the behest of a voice command, or through connections to other smart devices show video feeds from smart home cameras or baby monitors.

There are three main options for calls: voice, video, and "Drop In".

When is Amazon going to release it? It goes on sale there on 28 June for $229.99 (£180) but there is now no indication of when it will come to the UK. It only costs $230, which is an astounding price point considering the speaker-only version of the Echo has always costed $180.

Samsung's Harman Kardon has recently launched a voice-controlled speaker with Microsoft's Cortana virtual assistant. The reports confirmed the usage of such speakers is more than double this year.

Some may roll their eyes at the idea of having yet another screen in their homes, but Amazon appears to be building up a product line of Echo devices catering to different use cases. Research firm eMarketer has just published a study saying a 70.6 percent USA market share for Alexa-powered smart hubs, compared to just 23.8 percent for Google Home.

A few weeks ago, Google Home got the ability to recognize individuals within a family by voice, allowing for more precise recommendations and ad targeting. By voice recognization, this function can detect the family of that individual. A new feature called "Drop In" can also be enabled to automatically answer calls from select contacts.

The Echo Show is touch screen display, something that was missing from its predecessor.

Amazon boxes are seen stacked for delivery in Manhattan, New York, U.S., on January 29, 2016. The Internet's powerhouse retailer has been leaning on its vocal digital assistant to spread the company's AI system everywhere, certainly beyond the original Echo speaker, into phones, appliances and other products.

Amazon Shows Us Another Echo, This One With Touchscreen