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Apple Adding iTunes To Windows Store

12 Mai 2017

Pick Up Where You Left Off, a similar Cortana feature that will allow users to resume their work across Windows, iOS and Android devices.

The feature requires Cortana, Microsoft's digital assistant app, to run on each device.

Xamarin Live Player isn't the only piece of mobile development news out of Microsoft's Build developer conference Thursday.

The Creators Update also brings a new design language for Windows called Fluent Design (this is the official name for Project Neon).

The gadget doesn't require hardware, known as markers, installed on the walls around the user to sense movement.

This way, everyone using a Windows device will be able to syn it with their iPhones.

Microsoft plans to introduce a new headset and motion controller in time for the holiday season. They'll be sold as a $399 bundle with Acer Windows VR headsets later this year.

It's created to solve two key problems: developers needing to burn time setting up their development environments, and the time that it takes to compile applications, according to Microsoft Corporate Vice President Nat Friedman.

Microsoft also talked about offering on-demand access to OneDrive files.

The Windows 10 Creators Update has only just begun to roll out, but Microsoft given us a peek at what's coming next for Windows.

The software is a follow up to the current Windows 10 Creators Update, which only started rolling out to the more than 500 million global Windows 10 devices out there last month.

The Microsoft Fluent Design System will deliver a better cross-device experience, making jumping from platform to platform, or device to device, much easier.

Workers demonstrate Microsoft Surface devices at the Microsoft Build 2017 developers conference.

At the company's Build 2017 event, Microsoft unveiled 'Microsoft Graph' - a service that will sync your workflows across Windows 10, Android, and iOS.

The new update will include some rather excellent new features for those of us - all of us - who don't have Windows Phones and so can't use Continum with those devices.

Microsoft's ongoing mission to unleash everybody's creative spark is about to hit a new level.

Windows Insider senior program manager Brandon LeBlanc says the newfound ability extends to individual Edge tabs as well, a particularly nifty touch that traditional desktop-based browsers like Chrome or Firefox don't offer.

Of course, you could always download iTunes for Windows directly from Apple, so you may be wondering why it matters if the app is released through the Windows Store.

Apple Adding iTunes To Windows Store