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Senate intelligence committee subpoenas Michael Flynn

12 Mai 2017

The longtime Trump confidant also said that Comey's firing "had nothing to do with Russian Federation". It also covers the postelection time period in which Trump and his transition team chose to appoint Flynn as national security adviser.

It's especially curious considering that Yates was certainly aware that the Trump White House was deliberately distorting her own warning about Flynn.

According to Yates, she approached the White House with information about Flynn with the expectation administration officials would do something about it. And there are new signs that congressional investigations into the affair may linger deep into Trump's term.

Yates is in the news again this week. Former president Barack Obama himself, in a meeting right after the election, advised Trump not to hire Flynn.

Flynn sat in on classified national security briefings with then-candidate Trump at the same time that Flynn was working for foreign clients, which raises ethical concerns and conflicts of interest. She was called to testify on the "bipartisan, ongoing investigation into the Russian...campaign targeting the 2016 USA election" in front of the House Intelligence Committee. His departure upended Trump's senior team after less than one month in office. NBC News reported that one official said Obama's remark seemed like a joke. Most recently, she testified before Congress about Russia's alleged involvement in the USA election.

The subpoenas are a sure sign the Senate investigation is getting serious amid President Donald Trump's decision to terminate FBI Director James Comey on Tuesday.

Investigators have been looking into whether Flynn properly disclosed payments from clients with links to foreign governments, including Russian Federation and Turkey, CNN said. Flynn served under Obama as defense intelligence chief before Obama dismissed him from that post. However, even after Flynn was sacked he was granted permission to give a paid speech in Moscow, and his security clearance was subsequently reauthorized by the Obama administration following that Russian Federation visit in late 2015.

On Monday afternoon, White House press secretary Sean Spicer downplayed the revelation that Obama had warned Trump about Flynn, saying Obama "wasn't exactly a fan of Gen. Flynn".

Asked how he knew that, Spicer said "it was widely rumored" that Yates would "play a role in the Justice Department" if Clinton had won. It's a move likely to decimate the FBI's investigation of alleged ties between Trump and Russian intelligence agencies during the 2016 election.

Mr Trump has dismissed FBI and congressional investigations into his campaign and Russian Federation as a "hoax".

Senate intelligence committee subpoenas Michael Flynn