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Trump, the jobs president, will fire you if you anger him — LUPICA

12 Mai 2017

Nothing in a memo from a deputy attorney general to Sessions outlining reasons to fire Comey is news.

In the current charged political environment, a national commission might be the only path to a new approach acceptable to both parties.

Democrats intensified accusations on Wednesday that Comey's removal was meant to undermine the FBI probe and demanded an independent investigation. McCain in particular has continued his years-long pattern of tut-tutting Republican leaders and then voting with his party anyway.

The firing came as a shock to Federal Bureau of Investigation staff, almost all of whom had confidence in Mr Comey despite the controversy surrounding his handling of the Clinton email situation, according to an Federal Bureau of Investigation official who spoke on condition of anonymity.

"The President has lost confidence in Director Comey and, frankly, he'd been considering letting Director Comey go since the day he was elected."
People aren't making the comparison between Richard Nixon's Saturday Night Massacre, when Nixon's attorney general Elliot Richardson and his deputy Bill Ruckelshaus resigned after Nixon fired Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox, because they've decided Trump is the kind of criminal Nixon was. At some point, it becomes hard to ignore the possibility of a Trump impeachment, especially given that even Richard Nixon didn't fire the FBI Director during the Nixon Watergate impeachment scandal.

Republican senator John McCain said in a statement that he was "disappointed" with the decision and reiterated his call for a special congressional committee to look into Russian interference in the U.S. election. Whether Comey was sacked because he and the Russian Federation investigation were on television too much - "because of television coverage" is always a plausible reason for any Trump action - or because of something more sinister, the fact remains that the president fired the person in charge of an investigation involving the president.

But Rosenstein's own role in Comey's firing became increasingly murky on Wednesday. By firing Comey, the president had, French concluded, "made the decisive case for a truly independent investigation [of the possible Russian Federation connection]". According to several members of Congress, Comey had asked the Justice Department for more resources for that investigation days before his firing (from the Justice Department) and his scheduled, now rescheduled, congressional committee testimony. Trump's possible choices to head the FBI on an interim basis, according to a White House official, include: acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe; Assistant Director Paul Abbate; Chicago FBI agent Michael Anderson; and Richmond, Virginia agent Adam Lee.

It's unclear whether Rosenstein was aware his report would be used to justify the director's ouster.

The U.S. Constitution is the greatest instrument of liberty ever written, but it doesn't run our republic by itself.

The president kept a low profile Wednesday, relying largely on Twitter to defend his actions.

Though many Democrats have criticised Mr Comey's handling of the Clinton email probe, they said they were troubled by the timing of his dismissal. Judging panels, led in past seasons by Trump, Martha Stewart, or most recently, Arnold Schwarzenegger, checked in on every team throughout the episode and understood each group's pain points.

"Most of the people that are declaring war today are the very ones that were begging for Director Comey to be fired. Very simply. He was not doing a good job".

Trump's assessment marked a striking shift.

Republicans control both chambers of Congress, and a growing number of Republicans have also expressed doubts over Mr Trump's move.

"I think Jim Comey has got to have - if not his day in court, at least his day on the Hill", Warner said.

Now that he is out of office, Comey will also face a decision on whether to speak out publicly about what he knows, and whether he believes the White House is trying to squelch the Russian Federation investigation. "So, it was about time that the Justice Department recommended his removal", she said.

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