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All eyes on Sean Hannity after departure of Fox News co-president

16 Mai 2017

Fox News co-president Bill Shine resigned on Monday, shortly after star anchor Bill O'Reilly's dismissal following multiple allegations of sexual harassment-tied payments to women going back more than 10 years to keep such charges quiet.

"What the allegations are in this case is that he helped Roger Ailes cover it up".

Megyn Kelly announced she was leaving the network for NBC in January.

Shine's resignation comes after reports that Fox News paid out $13 million to settle sexual harassment claims brought against its former host Bill O'Reilly from five women. But Scott, like Shine, has also been implicated in some of the lawsuits against the network.

"After decades of flouting the laws against sexual harassment and retaliation, if the network wants to redeem itself, it should fire all executives who were complicit in covering up for harassers and driving out women who complained", she said. On Monday, a Fox News contributor said in a lawsuit that she was taken off the air after writing an article about a medical condition that would likely leave her infertile.

Shine had been listed as a defendant, along with Ailes and other Fox executives, in more than one suit filed against the company.

In an interview on KFAQ in April, Debbie Schlussel said Hannity made that request while he was on a trip to Detroit with Shine.

Fox News, however, said in a statement speaking on behalf of Hannity and the network: "This is completely untrue."
NY magazine's Gabriel Sherman reported that the Murdoch family, which owns 21st Century Fox, "might not be done cleaning house".

At the time, she also sued Shine, asserting that he failed to investigate her claims.

At Fox News Channel, Sean Hannity is in some ways the last man standing.

He was promoted to co-president last summer after Ailes was forced out amid a sexual harassment scandal. Jack Abernethy, who was a co-president with Shine, remains in his current position.

FOLKENFLIK: Shine's continued presence at the network was an unwelcome reminder that acting Fox News CEO Rupert Murdoch's promises for sweeping change had not yet taken place.

However, in his memo to employees, Murdoch wrote that Fox News "continues to break both viewing and revenue records, " adding, "I am sure we can do even better".

"This doesn't fix Fox News's harassment problem". Hannity and Shine are longtime friends; Shine was even an executive producer on Sean's program years ago. That's how Sean Hannity portrayed the stakes last week when NY magazine's Gabriel Sherman reported that Shine was denied a vote of confidence by his bosses at 21st Century Fox.

All eyes on Sean Hannity after departure of Fox News co-president