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Apple Inc. iPhone 8 On Schedule For October Release

16 Mai 2017

The iPhone 8 will reportedly be in short supply when it launches this fall, and AirPods still show a six week shipping delay on Apple's website. The iPhone 8 will feature a virtual fingerprint button, advanced 3D and VR capabilities and a new build material, according to current reports. Their delivery into the chips is expected to start in the second half of July.

iPhone suppliers like Foxconn and Pegatron have already begun recruiting and training workers in China who will be producing these new smartphones en masse. What confirms this information even further is that the battery producers for the iPhone 8 have significantly improved their production yield rates, which means that the maximum production for the battery modules will be made in June. The earpiece receiver is the cutout above the display that you hold against your ear during a phone call. However thanks to a report from JPMorgan analysts, some additional details have surfaced which revealed that the upcoming handset from Apple could be sporting an "enhanced earpiece". Exciting leaks, rumors and speculations that are spreading online about the iPhone 8 are also causing its predecessor's sales to drop.

Over the last month or so, there have been plenty of reports of manufacturing issues for Apple's next iPhone.

Apple is tipped to introduce OLED displays and an all-screen front design, which would be a marked departure from previous iPhone handsets.

However, sources indicate that certain "technical challenges" and shortages of "key components" might be the culprit in the iPhone 8's delay.

To pair them with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac running the latest iOS 10, watchOS 3 or macOS Sierra software, the user opens their small magnetic carry case close to the device and waits for a notification asking to connect.

In a separate research report, another JPMorgan analyst Gokul Hariharan told investors that the ridiculously expensive AirPods will be included for free in every new iPhone 8 box. The screen is flat, although the glass cover curves on all sides, merging with the stainless steel frame in a manner similar to what we've seen on the Apple Watch.

Apple Inc. iPhone 8 On Schedule For October Release