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Trump declares James Comey 'should have never exonerated' Hillary Clinton

16 Mai 2017

"I will tell you that what he did, what Comey did, had good moments for me as a candidate".

"I assume you're referring to his tweet", Spicer said, when asked if Trump had recorded his conversations with Comey.

Sean Spicer, White House Press Secretary, in his press briefing, denied that President threatened the former FBI Director.

WikiLeaks is offering $100,000 for the alleged "Comey tapes" - the recordings that Donald Trump has hinted he might have of his January dinner with now-fired FBI Director James Comey.

Sanders, the daughter of former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee, said she has since had that conversation with Trump, and he laid out his decision-making process clearly.

Donald Trump has said he could nominate a new Federal Bureau of Investigation director to replace James Comey as early as next week.

Spicer repeatedly declined to say whether any such recordings were made.

"That I can't talk about. Manchin and everyone else who have been briefed on this have been very clear there was no collusion with respect to the president himself and no investigation there", Spicer added.

Later, the president said he had been considering firing Comey for a while, and Rosenstein's recommendation sealed the deal.

The president, who has been angered by continuing news coverage of the Russian Federation investigation, also threatened to cancel press briefings as his communications team faced criticism for issuing different versions of the decision to fire Mr Comey. "We were in the depleted side, to put it mildly", he said, according to a White House pool report.

Trump also said that at the dinner, he and Comey discussed whether the USA top cop would stay in his role and continue his ten-year term.

Trump told reporters on Saturday he could decide Comey's successor as early as next week, before he leaves for Saudi Arabia, Israel, Palestine and Rome - his first foreign travel as president.

Before Comey tapped him to lead the Richmond office in 2014, he was chief of the Public Corruption and Civil Rights Section, investigating some of the highest profile cases against government officials and civil rights violations in recent years.

Sessions forwarded Rosenstein's memo to Trump and recommended that he remove Comey from his role.

Furious with the news coverage of the White House's shifting explanations on Comey's sacking, Trump suggested the media was wrong to expect his spokespeople to be 100 percent accurate.

Trump, in an NBC interview on Thursday, said that he had been intending to fire Comey - whom he derided as a "showboat" and "grandstander" - for months and that it had nothing to do with an investigation into potential ties between his campaign and Russian Federation. But Trump then said Thursday he had planned to fire Comey regardless.

Trump said that in those conversations Comey told him he wasn't under investigation.