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White House: Trump staffer's Western Wall comment does not reflect administration policy

16 Mai 2017

American media outlets didn't pick up on the story immediately, but the Associated Press did note the "spat" this afternoon, as well as the "astonishment" from an official in Netanyahu's office over the remarks.

There were no further details about the security arrangements but the source added that the Palestinian security apparatus would oversee parts of president's visit as had been the case with previous trips by USA leaders to the the West Bank.

Palestinians say moving the embassy would be a de facto recognition of Israel's control of all Jerusalem.

At least 10,000 Israeli police will be deployed to protect Donald Trump during his visit to the Jewish state on 22-23 May.

A White House spokesperson told VOA "these comments were not authorized by the White House".

Jordan, Palestine and Egypt on Sunday reiterated their commitment to the two-state solution as the only solution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, expressing keenness to cooperate with the U.S. administration in this regard. Though Tillerson said he'd seen the intelligence implicating Russian Federation and believed there was no question Russian Federation meddled, he said it was just one of a "broad range of important issues that have to be addressed in the U.S. -Russia relationship". Trump has said he wants Kushner to lead the peace process.

Trump, who said he chose to "start a process" but offered no new policy prescriptions or timetable, may be underestimating the challenge when trust between the two sides is low, analysts said.

His appointment comes as Trump seeks ways to restart moribund Israeli-Palestinian peace efforts, and questions have been raised over whether Friedman will be able to put his personal views aside. U.S. and Israeli officials have declined to confirm the visit.

Abbas travelled to Washington for a meeting with Trump on 3 May. But it was far less chummy than the way Trump and Netanyahu interacted in February. "Israel has made contact with the USA on this matter", the official said. "Nothing is more hard than training and convincing your own boys to protect the occupier (Israel) in the way that they do because we tell that this is the way forward to our nation".

"The administration has boxed itself in by focusing on Jerusalem and not doing what every other administration (R or D) has done which is to punt the issue", he added.

"We know very well that India has very good relations with Palestine and Israel", Abbas said in his address to the India Islamic Cultural Center in New Delhi. Ahead of that, Modi will be hosting Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas in New Delhi next week.

"India and Palestine enjoy historically close and friendly ties", it said in a statement late Saturday, reiterating India s "political support to the Palestinian cause". "He has told Trump that Palestinians are impossible negotiating partners and make demands that Israel can never meet".

White House: Trump staffer's Western Wall comment does not reflect administration policy