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Amazon Refreshes Fire Tablets, Keeps Low Price Tag

17 Mai 2017

The tablets have dual-band wi-fi and an extra hour of battery life - meaning eight hours for the Fire 7 and up to 12 hours for the HD 8.

Amazon today introduced four new Android-powered Fire tablets.

Amazon says it believes it can compete with the likes of Apple's iPad by offering "premium products at non-premium prices". They in fact won't support HDR standards of any kind (including HDR10) and what you'll be getting with the models is a pretty basic 4K resolution package with SDR display and the admittedly great Amazon Fire smart TV software platform built into them. Kids can enjoy new titles like Pete the Cat, Cupcake Diaries, Fruit Ninja, LEGO Batman: Beyond Gotham, Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood, Just Add Magic, and more-available from popular brands like Disney, Nickelodeon, Amazon Studios, PBS Kids, HarperCollins, and Simon & Schuster. They come with more durable designs and a year's subscription to the company's kid-friendly "FreeTime Unlimited" content service.

Alexa's music and news feeds can play in the background as you do other tablet-related stuff, and all the usual support for a wide range of smart home kit is present and correct, for your lightbulb-dimming and thermostat fiddling pleasure. Amazon cut the price on the larger Fire HD 8 tablet by $10 and said it's giving the rugged tablets for kids a makeover as well.

Following the introduction of the Echo Show last week, Amazon is putting its Alexa behind a bigger screen.

Element Electronics has announced that its Amazon Fire TV Edition lineup of 4K Ultra HD smart TVs, available for pre-order now on, will feature compatibility with Amazon's Alexa voice control system. Cards are also dependent on developers implementing them.

At time of writing this, Amazon shares are trading down 0.78 percent. The Fire HD 8's display is also staying put at 1280 x 800 pixels.

The company's Kids Edition tablets are created to have enhanced internet security settings and stronger filters, ensuring only safe content is seen by younger users.

Unfortunately, only one card can be shown at a time.

Amazon said making the tablets listen out for the wake-up phrase would have affected battery life.

Preorders are now available online via, and in-store availability is slated to start in June at authorized retailers nationwide, Element said. An antenna needs to be connected for this, and an indoor HD antenna is being thrown in for free for those who get in early with a pre-order.

Amazon Refreshes Fire Tablets, Keeps Low Price Tag