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David Beckham is Awful At Acting

17 Mai 2017

David plays a dodgy sort of character called Trigger who seems to be lording it over Charlie Hunnam's pre-King Arthur.

"It was lovely (working with Beckham)", Hunnam told Press Association. That meant lots of training for Charlie Hunnam, but not for the reasons you might think.

Production values are fine, but the whole thing is so dark and damp it lacks a sense of any fun at all in a movie that might better be titled Arthur Apocalypse.

"You've got to honor the essence of the narrative for the story to resonate", Ritchie added.

"King Arthur has a magical sword and all that - which is lovely for him, but Jax Teller is a gun runner - so it's probably gonna go to Jax on that one", Hunnam said about the hypothetical fight between himself and himself. Arthur has no idea who he really is, nor what he is destined to become.

"Piers Morgan seems to have an agenda against David Beckham, its nearly as if he is jealous", one said in his defence.

"I won't be rushing out to watch the film - not unless Piers gets a cameo!" another said.

Guy Ritchie ("The Man from U.N.C.L.E.", the "Sherlock Holmes" films) directed the film from a screenplay by Joby Harold ("Awake") and Guy Ritchie and Lionel Wigram, story by David Dobkin ("The Judge") and Joby Harold.

'Over the last four or five years, I've been digging deep, trying to identify what's helpful and healthy and what are just hangovers or traumas I experienced in childhood, ' he said.

Many people commenting on social media were less than complimentary about Beckham, with one describing it as "the worst acting I've ever seen".

'Guy had someone come and rehearse with me, and I did that an hour every day in the build-up'. Let's throw some jokes in and us starting to banter around. before you know it, the scene in real time has transformed...

"If I'm cooking for my girlfriend, she loves pasta so I normally, if I'm going to spoil her, I'll go out and make some pasta", he said. "I don't even have a table, but Charlie and I always cook food for each other".

David Beckham is Awful At Acting