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RompHim romper for men promises summer 'fashion revolution'

17 Mai 2017

The RompHim also comes in an American flag print, which will likely become this 4th of July's official beer pong uniform. You know, casually playing pool, attending baseball games and cavorting at an all-guys Champagne spray party in your romper, shades and a fur coat.

The RompHim Kickstarter still has 29 days to go so if you feel so inclined, you have time to be a "RompHero" (we're sorry).

They're essentially just like footie pajamas except with shorts to keep your legs cool. Deemed "a fashion revolution", the boastful rollout overlooks decades of queers flaunting their femininity-and legs-wearing short summer rompers typically shopped from the women's section.

Writing on their website, the designers, who met at Northwestern University, explained: 'Though the idea came to us previous year, our design journey started in earnest in early 2017.

As of this article's publication, 1,000 bros are big believers in the male romper. One thing's for sure: the RompHim's wild popularity is evidence that the American man's thirst for comfortable clothing and convenience may never be quenched.

Fulfilling a need that literally no bro realized they had, new clothing company ACED Design has invented a romper for men.

The conclusion: A romper is the ideal garment that's not too stuffy and not too basic. Many have poked fun at the ACED designs, and perceived lack of manliness is wearing a garment historically reserved for women. So how did the craze with the man romper get started online? Do you have any idea how hard it is to pee in those things? But what we found was for guys was we could work around that problem with a zipper fly. The RompHim solves that issue for you.

Then, a brand by the name of Davidelfin decided it was time to unleash the male romper and a few high rollers in the industry couldn't agree more while others weren't as enthused.

RompHim romper for men promises summer 'fashion revolution'