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The country needs to hear from James Comey

17 Mai 2017

The Senate's top Democrat also chimed in. The White House defended Trump's disclosure of classified information to senior Russ.

Comey "needs to come back before the Congress", Schiff said, and "share with the public what conversations he had with the president" - including whether Trump tried to obstruct the investigation in any way. Humanitarian reasons, plus I want Russian Federation to greatly step up their fight against ISIS & terrorism, ' he said in a string of tweets.

"It's time for Republican members of Congress to work with us in demanding that Trump be held accountable for his actions", Sanders said.

The Times reported that the unclassified memo has not been viewed by the paper but that one of Comey's associates " read parts of the memo to a Times reporter".

Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe testified to the Senate last week about the FBI's ongoing investigation into Russian involvement in the 2016 elections.

November 6: Trump criticizes Comey's second letter to Congress, saying Clinton was being protected by a "rigged system" and pronouncing her "guilty", despite the FBI's conclusion that criminal charges were unwarranted.

If in fact the president did ask the FBI director to drop an investigation into one of his associates, does that constitute obstruction of justice? Comey said he replied that "I agree he is a good guy" but said nothing to Trump about limiting the investigation. "Quit investigating, damn it'". "I'm going to wait and withhold judgment on what's been reported until I know the facts and circumstances - of what was said and what the context was". "It is clear former FBI Director Comey should testify before Congress". The Illinois senator said he wants to see Comey's memos and hear his testimony in public.

During the presidential campaign Trump repeatedly assailed his Democratic rival, Hillary Clinton, for her handling of classified information by email while she was secretary of state. The official questioned why - if Comey had concerns about his conversations with the president - the Federal Bureau of Investigation director hadn't shared them with the deputy director, the Department of Justice and Congress at the time.

Chaffetz says the memo raises concerns "about improper interference placed on an active investigation".

The veracity of Comey's recollection of the meeting could be called into question, according to Eugene O'Donnell, a former NY prosecutor who is now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice. The letter is expected Tuesday night. The Utah Republican said he has his "subpoena pen ready".

"If these reports are true, the president's brazen attempt to shut down the FBI's investigation of Michael Flynn is an assault on the rule of law that is fundamental to our democracy".

Trump's remarks to Comey immediately evoked comparisons to President Richard Nixon's conversations in the Oval Office as the Watergate scandal unfolded. The associate was not authorized to discuss the memo by name and spoke on condition of anonymity. Presumably not. The conversation documented by the memo took place in February, and we are only now learning about the memo and Comey's purported belief that Trump was improperly trying to influence the investigation-a claim that Comey apparently was willing to keep to himself as long as he was retained as FBI Director.

The FBI declined to comment Tuesday.

Sen. Bill Nelson said, "If true, this is another piece to the puzzle and it does not look good for the White House".

The second big issue with the White House story is, why would Trump ask Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Vice President Mike Pence to leave the room before making the request of Comey unless Trump knew that what he was doing was extremely iffy - and wanted to avoid witnesses?

The New York Times says Trump made the request to Comey during a February meeting.

This source predicted it's likely that there are other memos to come.

Trump's main guest at last week's meeting was Lavrov, the leading promoter of Russian foreign policies that are often sharply at odds with US aims in Syria and Europe. The White House has denied that report.

The country needs to hear from James Comey