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Torch-wielding protesters rally against removal of Confederate statue

17 Mai 2017

He said the black community in Charlottesville is "relatively small", and that he feels the protesters were responding to the agenda of "white liberals and leftists" who had pushed to emphasize diversity in the community.

Over 100 people gathered at a local park in Virginia to protest the removal of Confederate-era statues by burning torches and shouting controversial chants.

Wait, a tiki torch?

The torchlight protest lasted only about 10 minutes, when police arrived on the scene after violence erupted, the newspaper said. The next court hearing will reportedly take place in June. A judge issued a temporary injunction earlier this month preventing the city from going through with the removal for the next six months.

Daily Progress also reported that some attendees of the rallies in support of the Confederate statues were present at Sunday's vigil, and scuffles ensued between the two sets of demonstrators.

The statue has become a rallying cry for Corey Stewart, a Republican gubernatorial candidate. He said he does not consider them to be symbols of hate, but a part of the history of the United States.

The controversy centers on the equestrian statue of the Confederate general, which the City Council has chose to sell and remove.

Perriello, a Charlottesville native, tweeted at Spencer on Saturday afternoon after Spencer made it clear that he was heading to Charlottesville. He also called on all Virginians "to act responsibly and honorably".

All are vying to succeed term-limited Governor Terry McAuliffe, Democrat.

This is exactly what happened at Lee Park in Charlottesville, VA.

In recent years, a string of US Southern states have moved Confederate-era monuments to museums, an effort that intensified after a white supremacist killed nine black people in a SC church in June 2015.

Charles Best was arrested Sunday after police say the 21-year-old threw an object from the crowd that hit an officer, causing minor injuries. Perriello added that, though the civil War ended 150 years ago, Spencer and his followers were "still not over it".

Meanwhile, Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer is trolling the trolls after he lashed out at torch-toting white nationalists who protested in his city.

"I believe there's room for a statewide commission on racial healing and transformation here in Virginia", he said. "Based upon what I'm seeing online, the people involved in this have a juvenile mentality and are beneath our contempt".

The mayor of Charlottesville, Va., condemned Saturday night's demonstration by a large group of torch-bearing white nationalists who were protesting the removal of statues honoring Confederate Gens.

Left-wing press compared the torch lit ceremony in front of the Robert E. Lee statue to a "Klan rally".

Torch-wielding protesters rally against removal of Confederate statue