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Trump told Comey to consider imprisoning reporters who publish leaks

17 Mai 2017

Comey, appointed director in 2013 by former President Barack Obama, replied to Trump's "good guy" remark by saying, "I agree he is a good guy", according to the paper. "And from what I understand and what I have read and seen, our president needs to take an 8th grade civics course because he doesn't understand government", said Rep. Frederica Wilson. "You can not obstruct justice".

Reaction to the New York Times report was swift, with Speaker of the House Paul Ryan and Republican members of Congress expressing unease and calling for Comey's immediate testimony.

The New York Times reported that Trump made the request during a February Oval Office meeting.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, chairman of a judiciary subcommittee investigating Russian Federation, said that Comey should testify before his Senate panel about his discussions with Trump over Flynn, who resigned earlier this year.

"The comments attributed to President Trump cross a unsafe line".

November 6, 2016: Trump criticizes Comey's second letter to Congress, saying Clinton was being protected by a "rigged system" and pronouncing her "guilty", despite the FBI's conclusion that criminal charges were unwarranted.

"Obstruction of justice is such a serious offense", King (I-Maine) said.

"This is just the tip of the iceberg".

"What seems overwhelmingly clear to me is that the White House is besieged by a spectrum of the media dedicated to the far left that is relentlessly committed to doing everything they can to delegitimize this president".

House Republican Conference Chair Cathy McMorris Rodgers said she is interested in seeing Comey testify. - Independent Senator Angus King, asked on CNN if Congress was getting close to impeachment proceedings.

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) urged Democrats and Republicans to work together told hold the President accountable.

Congressman Ted Deutch also spoke out Tuesday evening.

Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia, the top Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, said he will ask Comey for additional material as part of the panel's investigation. "At worst, he has obstructed justice". Trump calls Comey over to where he is standing in the Blue Room to offer a handshake and a partial hug, then comments that Comey has "become more famous than me".

"This is a really important moment for the country".

"Let's get to the bottom of what happened with the director".

"And I'm hopeful to learn more details in a classified setting, an appropriate setting to have a briefing and understand what was communicated", Cruz added. "I think it would be great", he said, "I'm someone who has always believed in sunlight, and that clarity is our friend, and truth is the best ally".

Flynn's resignation came hours after it was reported that the Justice Department had warned the White House weeks earlier that Flynn could be vulnerable to blackmail for contacts with Kislyak before Trump took office on 20 January.

In an explosive new report that was immediately denied by the Trump administration, the Times said Comey met the president in the White House on February 14, later summing up their discussion of Flynn in a memo.

The party's number two in the Senate, Dick Durbin, said it was "stunning, breathtaking to think that a president of the United States would have considered reaching out to the head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation and ask him to stop an investigation on anyone".

Caroline Mala Corbin teaches constitutional law at the University of Miami.

Trump told Comey to consider imprisoning reporters who publish leaks