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UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election

17 Mai 2017

In Labour's first major policy statement on the issue of the election campaign, the party on Monday signalled that it would take a different approach to the two-year process of negotiating the European Union exit - expected to start in June, the BBC reported.

"If you buy a house and you go in and say we're going to buy this house whatever the price is, then you're going to pay a very large price for that house", he said.

ICM interviewed 2,024 adults between April 21 and 24.

"What we've seen today from Labour is, I think, their seventh Brexit plan", she said on a visit to Wales, a Labour stronghold where the prime minister is shoring up support. With divorce talks poised to start, May argues she needed to call a snap election to empower her to negotiate a better deal.

Responding to Mr Blair's comments, the Labour leader said that a sure fire win for Mrs May was not what he was finding out campaigning.

The three-time general election victor confirmed earlier this week that he intends to vote for Labour on Thursday, June 8, but said the party is destined for failure unless it makes holding the government to account over Brexit the most important issue in its campaign.

He said: "The four nations that make up our great country have rarely been more divided due to the damaging and divisive policies of this Conservative government but where Theresa May divides, Labour will unite our four nations".

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Britain's Labour to guarantee EU citizens rights if wins election

Liberal Democrats leader, Tim Farron, has said Labour's plans to scrap Theresa May's Brexit plans are flawed.

Ahead of her visit, in an article for the Welsh morning newspaper the Western Mail, the PM writes: This election is not about the kind of tribal politics that has held sway in Wales and elsewhere for many years.

Starmer said freedom of movement will have to end when the United Kingdom leaves the European Union but wants to try to negotiate a way to retain access to Europe's single market.

Britain and the EU have said that securing the rights of Europeans in Britain - and of 1 million United Kingdom citizens living elsewhere in the bloc - will be a priority when divorce negotiations begin after the United Kingdom election.

"That is why I will be fighting to earn every vote I can in this election, because every vote I receive will strengthen my hand as I negotiate with the prime ministers, presidents and chancellors of Europe".

"Where jobs, the economy and retaining the benefits of the Single Market and the Customs Union are our priority".

But a senior Labour spokesman suggested that a debate would only be worthwhile if it pitted the leaders of the two biggest parties against one another.

UK's Labour pledges new Brexit strategy if it wins election