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Britain's Labour Party Unveils 'Radical' Election Manifesto

18 Mai 2017

The manifesto says a Labour government would "immediately guarantee" existing rights for all European Union nationals in Britain and would "reject "no deal" as a viable option".

In the Manifesto, Corbyn makes a number of tax pledges including plans to lower the threshold for income tax from £150,000 to £80,000 and a 45 pence income tax rate for those on more than £80,000 and 50 pence for earnings over £123,000.

Labour has said it will not change pension tax relief in correspondence to its proposed changes to income tax, despite concerns pension contributions could be used to get around the tax increase for higher earners.

In reference to Making Tax Digital, the party says it will "exclude small businesses from costly plans to introduce quarterly reporting and take action on late payments".

In what its leader Jeremy Corbyn called "a blueprint of what Britain could be", Labour promised to renationalize rail and mail services and water utilities and take some of the energy sector into public hands to better control prices.

Mr Foster, who became an MP in the 1997 Tony Blair-inspired landslide, has been consistently critical of Mr Corbyn.

"Labour's policy could raise something like the £4.5bn per year it expects, but it could also raise nothing", IFS associate director Robert Joyce said. "Labour's mission, over the next five years, is to change all that".

"This is a programme of hope".

"The Labour Party campaign has outshone the Tories" comfortably.

Purnima Tanuku, chief executive of National Day Nurseries Association (NDNA) said: "Labour's promise of free universal childcare from aged two is an ambitious pledge which would help millions of families across the UK".

Corbyn has said he would stay as party leader whether he won or lost and the BBC has reported that he could remain at the helm if he equals the 30.4% vote share that Ed Miliband got in 2015.

"I see leadership as not dictating, but leadership is also about listening: listening to what people say, understanding the stress, the pressures and the tensions in their lives and ensuring that our party's policies, our government's approach to things, reflects the reality of people's lives". "Sensible, costed and when tested, our policies are highly popular with the public", he told AFP.

Opinion polls consistently give the Conservatives a big lead over Labor.

But writer Barnaby Neale, a Labour volunteer, said the "inspiring" manifesto would sway voters.

McCluskey said working class voters who say they are going to vote Tory for the first time are doing so "because their mind is being turned by the constant attack of the media on Jeremy Corbyn and the image that they've pinned on Jeremy".

"People are desperate, especially in Bradford, for a change", the yoga teacher told AFP.

On the policy to further crack down on tax havens, ActionAid head of advocacy Charlie Matthews, said, "Stronger anti-tax haven rules could help to tackle corporate tax avoidance in the United Kingdom and around the world, including in some of the world's poorest countries. If Labour could raise the £49bn it claims we would have highest tax burden in 70 years", he wrote on Twitter.

Britain's Labour Party Unveils 'Radical' Election Manifesto