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Celtics follow euphoria of winning lottery with dud on court

18 Mai 2017

Lonzo Ball's 19. I truly believe Boston should not draft Ball or Markelle Fultz.

The 2013 trade with the Nets is paving the way for the C's to accomplish that goal, and that certainly was evident Tuesday night as Boston won the National Basketball Association draft lottery, thanks to its first-round pick swap with last-place Brooklyn.

Most of the draft experts (the ultimate oxymoron) will tell you there is not a surefire superstar in this year's draft and there's not all that much difference between the first and sixth pick. Zilch. Zippo. If so (God forbid) and you think they were bad last year, if L.A, . walks away with nada, next year probably won't be much different. Game tomorrow against a tough Cleveland team. And I don't think that's the priority for Boston. Brooklyn finished with the league's worst record this season, giving it the best odds at landing the top pick in the upcoming draft. Or Boston could deal the pick, against Grousbeck's apparent wishes, and put another All-Star next to Thomas to compete with the Cavaliers for Finals run.

Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Steve Nash are gone, though on Tuesday they won't be forgotten.

After his single season with the Nets, Pierce signed with the Washington Wizards the very next summer and spent the following two years in Los Angeles with the Clippers before calling it a career after a first-round playoff exit against Utah earlier this month. There's still plenty more maneuvering to go, with some underclassmen still waiting until May 24 to decide whether they want to stay in the draft or return to college. "Now it's our turn four years later to take some benefits from the trade".

The victor of Tuesday's draft lottery was the Boston Celtics, as they secured the number one overall pick in this year's draft; followed by the Lakers at number two and the 76ers at number three. They also dealt Shabazz Napier (1st round, 24th pick) on draft night to the Miami Heat back in 2014. Smith's general body language wasn't great last season, as he was forced to carry the lion's share of a poor N.C. State team's offensive load. "There's a lot of good feelings around the Celtics right now". And now we squeeze in the lottery and win the pick. Both players went to the University of Washington.

Still, the Celtics wound up grabbing the top seed and home-court advantage through the East finals, and that gave them the right to host Games 1 and 2. Considering that they find themselves in an nearly pleasant predicament, the purple and gold will select second overall for the third straight year. They would have had to trade it to Philadelphia if it fell outside the top three.

"The pain that we've all gone through, the pain of losing is real". He is a top-3 candidate for NBA Rookie of the Year despite appearing in fewer than 40 percent of the Sixers' 2016-17 games and less than 20 percent of the season's minutes.

But whether the fix is in or it's a simple matter of misfortune, everything might work out just the way the Suns wanted all along.

Who the Kings take at ten will depend on who they take at five.

On Tuesday night, the official 2017 NBA Draft order was revealed in NY and the second-likeliest scenario unfolded for the Knicks.

The Dallas Mavericks are ninth and the New Orleans Pelicans are 10th.

He may not be the splashy pick at No. 5, but could be a good fit there trying for a Sacramento Kings team trying to fill the void left by DeMarcus Cousins.

Celtics follow euphoria of winning lottery with dud on court