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Daydream standalone VR by Qualcomm

18 Mai 2017

Google plans to launch "Standalone VR" headsets that won't require a smartphone to work. Currently, HTC VIVE and Lenovo are working on devices using this design.

Google touted new and improved positional tracking with its "World Sense" technology, which is created to sense your head movements so you don't need to add cameras and sensors throughout a room in your house just to do VR. Key to the design is what Google calls "World Sense", which means the headsets can monitor the environment and accurately track your position without the need for extra sensors.

Details are still light, with more to be announced "soon".

At Google I/O, we're sharing some of what we've been up to.

The VR market is growing, but headsets are too expensive for most people.

Well, Samsung finally appears to have gotten on board, perhaps only to give its Gear VR platform a period of exclusivity.

HTC has confirmed that it will be launching a new Vive device and it will be available later in the year. Its own Daydream mobile-powered headset was released in October past year. For this new project, Google has teamed with HTC Vive and Lenovo to tackle one of VR adoption's largest issues.

Google I/O is in full swing right now, and there are a flurry of announcements to tackle. They have everything you need for VR built in.

When is Daydream coming and how much will it cost?

"In October, we launched Daydream View, a VR headset that's comfortable and easy to use".

Shipping started on 10 November in the UK, US and other countries. The V20 wasn't available in the United Kingdom, but was very popular in the USA.

Meanwhile, Google will also take the wraps off from the latest Android version, known as Android O. The latest Android update is already touted to be the next big version. This app serves as the main hub for Daydream View headset. And no less importantly, you won't be draining your phone's battery while enjoying some Daydream VR goodness. Also the with the TensorFlow research cloud Google is giving access for resourced to the universities.

Daydream standalone VR by Qualcomm