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GE Appliances to get Google voice control option

18 Mai 2017

Google says it's going to roll out the features slowly, adding more and more capabilities over time. Makers of other machine learning frameworks like Caffe can make their tools work with TPUs by designing them to call TensorFlow APIs, according to Google Senior Fellow Jeff Dean.

Treble will be available for all devices launched with Android O and beyond - starting from this summer. Google Assistant then offered follow-up actions, like pointing you to the nearest florist.

Check out our Google Home hub for all you need to know about the Assistant and Google's smart home speaker. Furthermore, Google's knowledge graph and the database will allow them to pull up significantly better results from the internet which will only get better over time. Sounds boring, but it means you'll get new OS updates sooner, which is a Very Good Thing Indeed. Executives are also laying out how the company is expanding the reach and capabilities of the Google Assistant, which is now available on some smartphones and an internet-connected speaker called Home.

Google Tango, the firm's long talked-about augmented reality 3D-mapping tech, is also rumoured to be making an appearance.

Aside from previous year, when the company was mysteriously quiet on the matter, I/O has been Google's committed venue for discussing its own interest in VR.

Users can now buy items from companies directly via Google Assistant on their mobile device, it has been announced, enabling consumers to, for example, order their favorite meal using simple voice commands and taps. Somewhat atypically, there hasn't been much leaked or rumoured ahead of the big event. Look for KITT-like voice assistant features behind the wheel too. These training systems, in the more general sense, improve AI software through massive number crunching. Even Android 4.4 KitKat is still installed on 18.8% of active devices, almost four years after launch.

Place Google's swanky Pixel-powered headset on your noggin though, and you'll be greeted with a world of virtual possibilities.

The operating system won't be released to the mass market until later this year.

However, the report also cautioned that the company may give a limited a preview about the upcoming VR headset and there are high chances that it might scrap it and instead focus on streamlining the existing Daydream VR platform. You can already use it as a standalone app on your phone, or connect your phone to a compatible infotainment system, but now Android Auto is moving in a new direction.

GE Appliances to get Google voice control option