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Google poised to roll out arsenal of services, gadgets

18 Mai 2017

Nevertheless, Google is already developing the next major Android release codenamed Android O. At its I/O 2017 developers conference today, the company confirmed that Android O beta program registrations are live now.

Many of Google's products are vying against similar offerings from Apple, Amazon and Microsoft. Google claims the feature will be smart enough so that you could auto-share only specific photos - say, of your kids - to your partner or a friend.

Google's digital assistant is hoping to outsmart Siri on Apple's iPhone.

As Chandra demonstrated by calling his mother, he could make the call without any setup on either end. The private number is the default (Google didn't provide details about how this number would work).

There were also announcements relating to Gmail, Google Photos and Android.

Google also formally announced Google for Jobs, a job search engine that we reported being spotted in April.

Chandra said the visual response feature would consider the information being cast before deciding on the destination device. Lens uses AI to identify images viewed through a phone. "Google Home will notify my phone automatically and take me straight to Google Maps".

And because Assistant can recognize your voice, if you tell it to "call Mom" it will call your mother.

Google says it uses machine learning to match what you're looking for with the what employers use to describe jobs, since those terms often don't align perfectly.

"Vitals" is primarily tasked with keeping battery life, device security and overall system performance in check, which can be an issue when you have rogue apps running in the background.

Google started showing off its AI tech with a smart feature that can filter out obstructions in the way of subjects in a photo, for example intelligently removing a fence obstructing the view of a person behind it.

The push marks another step toward infusing almost all of Google's products with some semblance of artificial intelligence - the concept of writing software that enables computers to gradually learn to think more like humans. The AlphaGo AI was created on Google's first TPU.

Google is also introducing Google Lens in the coming months.

TPUs are being used by ML models to improve the company's products like Google Translate and Google Photos.

But Pichai and Google co-founder Larry Page, now CEO of Google corporate parent Alphabet Inc., see it differently.

Update: While Google I/O has never been that exciting and event from perspective of consumer technology, this time around it may seem even somewhat more dry. Google is doing that with the site Google.ai, which focuses specifically on three pillars: state of the art research, tools and infrastructure, and applied AI. Google is also bringing Assistant to Australia, Canada, France, Germany and Japan in the near future. Users can now type to Assistant, rather than having to speak every request. On the other hand, Google Home has some advantages on the AI front.

The service will also show applicants things like commute time, to help them figure out if the job is too far away to consider.