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Google shifts mobile focus to apps and digital assistant

18 Mai 2017

The Google Assistant, has no doubt, overtaken Siri and Cortana.

"One of things we realized was we needed to make it easier for users to get to their content". We previously got the hint that the assistant was making a major push to iPhone users, but the details were scarce. This year, however, Google is announcing that it is working with hardware partners - Qualcomm, HTC and Lenovo - to make VR headsets that will be similar to Facebook's Oculus and HTC's own Vive. Google Home will allow you to call any landline or mobile phone in the USA or Canada for free.

Google Home is a great tool for pulling information, consuming media and controlling your smart products, but it can feel nearly robotic.

"An app can say OK, I know this user has watched the first two episodes and it's very likely the next thing they want to watch is the third episode, so they can basically put a "Watch Next" here and the user can continue watching where they left off".

Android O seems pretty sweet so far. Now, currently Google Home is not available in India and hence its features too are not going to be available to consumers here, but these new features in the Home sure sounds cool.

The app will support numerous same functions as the service does on Google devices.

Google added features to its internet-connected Home speaker - such as hands-free calling. Moreover, Google has also announced a new service called Photo Books that allows users to create awesome books which you can physically send it to any one you like.

Google Home review - the future of the home? Most notably, the vast majority of its revenue still comes from search advertising, but right now, there are no ads in Assistant. When a background app wants a location update, for instance, Android O will feed it the user's last known location instead of activating the Global Positioning System or other hardware to collect a fresh location. A feature called Google Play Protect, meanwhile, will scan all your apps for malicious software. It learns more as time goes buy and as many requests are being sent improve the conversation.

The app also updates in real time to give you accurate ETAs and alert you if, for example, a train will suddenly skip your stop. Android O will now include background execution limits that essentially limit what apps can do in the background to save battery life on your device. The tool displays statistics related to individual apps and displays the issues, as well as provide tips on how to solve the problem.

Under Android Go, Android O will ship with optimizations for handsets featuring 1GB of RAM and less.

Android Go is meant to go slow on resource use. As for the apps, they will come with new data saving options. It is now the operating system, namely the software platform that manages hardware and software, including applications, or apps, for more than 80 per cent of the world's smartphones. The experience is essentially a few different optimisations that ship with any Android O devices with 1 GB or less of memory.