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In battle of digital assistants, Google heads to Apple turf

18 Mai 2017

At its Google I/O 2017 developer conference today, Google revealed numerous major new features coming in Android "O".

On stage, Samat demonstrated a novel way for Android users to track their mobile data usage and even pay their monthly or pre-paid mobile-phone bills via Google Play. A new addition called Google Play Protect has been announced. This is being described as Proactive Assistance, where Google Home will now provide you with info without you even prompting it about the same.

If you like those app badges in iOS that let you know you have, say, unread emails - well then you're going to love Android O. Yes, such Notification Dots will be automatically applied to your apps' icons, but there's an unexplained twist: there will be no number in the badge.

Google machine vision capabilities are being used to enable services such as recognizing who is in pictures and what they are doing as well as translate languages in signs viewed through smartphone cameras, demonstrations showed.

Google wants to make it as easy as possible for you to try Android O on a device, so it's offering the Android Beta Program again this year.

All said, Google still has love for those with the Daydream View headset. Boot time on O is twice as fast as in previous versions of Android for devices using Pixel and apps will also run faster.

The company is also giving the crowd a look at new twists in its Android software for mobile devices, which powers more than 80 percent of the world's smartphones.

Device catalog: Search and filter across rich device data for thousands of devices certified by Google to see your installs, rating, and revenue contributed by device type. You could previously do this with Google Translate and other third-party apps, but it will soon be an app-free benefit.

These headsets, which will be manufactured by HTC and Lenovo, will contain all the hardware required for VR and AR within the device itself and are due to released later in 2017.

Google announced a lot of new bells and whistles Wednesday - several of which, it turns out, are already offered by rivals such as Amazon, Apple and Facebook. The tool can extract Wi-Fi login and password when you point to a sheet with that information.

Google Assistant is more conversational than Siri, the native voice assistant built into the iPhone.

Android Go is a new project that Google just unveiled at the I/O Developers Conference 2017.

In battle of digital assistants, Google heads to Apple turf