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Some of Google's new features seem ... familiar

18 Mai 2017

If you missed the earlier announcement on Android TV, then as mentioned, this preview version brings with it what Google states is an improved user interface. This year's Google I/O revealed the Android O Beta along with the new features and made it available for download. For example, Google says that Android Go will work well with even 512MB RAM. No word on whether that means United States or Australian Summer, but either way, if you've ever wanted to speak to your speakers, you soon will be able to, and certainly faster than we see competitor Amazon Alexa here too.

This is why it doesn't really come as a surprise to learn that with Android O, Google will be going back to the drawing board and redesigning their emojis again.

To cap off their I/O Conference this week, Google has announced a global roll-out for Google Home - previously only available in the USA and a few other markets.

Google's digital assistant is hoping to outsmart Siri on Apple's iPhone. Both are aimed at getting more people to use the company's services, even if they live in developing countries and use cheap, older phones. Google knows it is smarter and we've proven time and again more especially when the Google Home was launched.

The new Find My Device app, just like Android Device Manager before it, lets you easily locate, lock, and erase an Android device associated with your Google account.

While interacting with assistant via Voice is a great UI in many situations, that's not always the case, and up until now if you wanted to type to assistant you had to do it in Allo where Assistant wasn't fully featured.

The new software is created to run versions of Google apps that require less data.

Google is also crafting a lighter version of Android, referred to as "Go", designed for maximum performance on low-priced, entry-level smartphones in developing countries where internet bandwidth is lean or expensive.

Partners in the endeavor include Vive-maker HTC and Lenovo, according to Google virtual reality team vice president Clay Bavor.

Among the new goodies: updates to Android, Google Home, Google Assistant and YouTube. The Google Duo video-chatting app also supports this behaviour, but those two apps are the full extent of this functionality for now. As well as nifty new services like Google Lens, which uses your smarpthone's camera to identify objects in the real world. This means the Google Assistant may replace the darling of iPhones. You can point your Android device's camera at something, be it a flower, a restaurant, or a Wi-Fi network name, and Google Lens will give you more information about what you're looking at. It will first be available as part of Google's assistant and photos products.

Google used the conference to announce a software kit that will let developers build Assistant capabilities into robots, applications, and other computerized creations.

Wednesday's keynote took place at an outdoor theater near the company's Mountain View, California, headquarters.

Some of Google's new features seem ... familiar