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Android Device Manager is now Find My Device

19 Mai 2017

"The challenge of connecting job seekers to better information on job availability is like many search challenges we've solved in the past", said Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Many of those innovations were on display Wednesday as Google kicked off its annual I/O developers conference.

To download Find My Device on your Android device, hit this link for the Google Play listing. Lenovo and HTC (which already makes a rival headset, the HTC Vive) are working on these products with Google; the company did not announce an official release date.

LG revealed in a blog post that its Signature-branded washing machines, dryers, fridges, ovens and air purifiers will be fully compatible with Google Assistant through Google Home. Play Protect watches out for any app that might step out of line on your device, keeping you and every other Android user safe.

Exhausted of Siri? Well, you can now get the "chatty" Google Assistant installed on your iPhone. It will support Apple's native Mail app, though, which is great considering Gmail also got a nice update of its own. In the demo, Google showed an image of a flower that Google Lens was able to immediately identify.

On the other hand, if you ask Google's Assistant to send a text message, you are likely addressing your phone, and not the smart speaker in your kitchen.

Google announced that more than two billion devices powered by Android software are used monthly in a freshly passed milestone.

According to Google, Android was built with security in mind since day one. CPUs and GPUs are not enough to handle such high volume computation and so a year ago, Google had announced a new hardware chip called Tensor Processing Units for machine learning. Especially, if you are selecting an address, the system will recognise it as an address and suggest you Maps, making finding directions easy. Details about the next version of Google's Pixel smartphone line - about which Google has offered few sales details - aren't expected to come until later this year. Google also designed the service to minimize data usage on bandwidth-hungry services like YouTube.

Google has officially launched Google Assistant as a standalone app in the iOS app store. But Samat said the changes coming with Android Go will convince the hardware partners to change course. This feature is not limited to videos, and it may be able to run games and other apps as well.

The AI will also be integrated into Google's Photos App, creating a service that automatically creates and organizes albums in your cloud.

Android Device Manager is now Find My Device