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Cavaliers win Game 1 in Boston

19 Mai 2017

And if that wasn't enough, just to put the fear of God Almighty into the Celtics, in the post-match conference, LeBron quipped, "After ten days off, I didn't feel that great, but I know I'll feel a lot better going into Game 2".

And the Game 1 moment between James and Olynyk was far from the end of the Celtics' defensive woes. When it was over, he'd piled up 38 points plus nine rebounds and seven assists. Love opened up the floor for James, burying outside jumpers and forcing Boston to leave defenders one-on-one with James.

Every postseason game the Cavaliers play this spring is a reminder of how foolish it was to wonder if they could flip the switch and be ready for the playoffs. Kawhi Leonard led his team to a 20-point halftime lead to the dismay of Warriors fans at Oracle Arena, again making a strong case for calling him the Most Valuable Player this season, according to Bleacher Report. Every series with LeBron James is a LeBron James series.

"I felt OK last night", James said Thursday. "My mind is always racing on how I can make this the best possession at that particular time". Defensively he was great, but the six offensive rebounds he had were huge for us. I've been in this position before, we're having success so I'm happy. Stevens admitted that Boston might have to consider more double teams, as risky as that can be against Cleveland. He was a tough cover for the Cavs. Turned out, there was no chance.

Brian Hoyer sealed his fate as a Texans discard with his five turnover playoff game
Brian Hoyer sealed his fate as a Texans discard with his five turnover playoff game. Eric Sauseda

With this win, LeBron has now won more Playoff series than Michael Jordan, in fewer trips. "We just need to play harder". "Come out a little bit more and we'll be fine". With this series, we gotta go out and show the world. James set the tone by relentlessly attacking the rim and scoring 15 first-quarter points, and he was the one who swatted away the Celtics' comeback attempt. The first half finished with Cleveland holding a commanding 61-39 lead.

Holding the rights to Brooklyn's first-round draft pick from the 2013 trade that sent Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce to the Nets, they won the lottery and will take the top pick for the first time since 1950. He started well with 11 points and seven rebounds in the first half. "Next game, I will definitely be more aggressive to get into the paint, make plays and make stuff happen". I know Kyle (Korver) had three or four very, very good looks that he missed when we had a good stretch. "The energy and the effort and the mindset was where it needed to be".

We'll see if Thomas can pick up his play in Game 2 and if the Celtics can bounce back to even the series at one apiece on Friday night, but one thing appears to be as close to a guarantee as you'll find in the National Basketball Association: nobody can stop LeBron when he's playing like this and in the Eastern Conference, it really might just be that simple. Remember how they allowed 111.4 points on 47.4 percent shooting in those games? This postseason they have been a ideal 9-0, beginning with sweeps of IN and Toronto. The Celtics were just 2-for-10 on uncontested shots. "Well, back to the drawing board I guess". He helped Celtics up off the floor, patted their head when they made a good play. "It's an uphill battle and we just got to be better to start the game".

Cavaliers win Game 1 in Boston