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China's Xi calls for S. Korea ties to get back on track

19 Mai 2017

"In every test he [Kim] makes, it's a success because it takes North Korea one step closer to be able to deliver a nuclear-tipped missile anywhere in the world", Harris said.

He also said the the country's military was ready and capable of striking back should the North attack.

South Korea's unification ministry expressed a need to reopen an inter-Korean communication hotline, which was severed early past year following North Korea's nuclear and missile tests.

Regarding the North's Sunday test of an intermediate-range ballistic missile, Harris said it posed a threat to not only the Korean Peninsula, but also to Japan, China, Russia, the US and beyond. We don't have it done yet.

In the past week or so, there are growing indications that the missile and nuclear capabilities of the gleefully belligerent North Korean regime are moving forward at a faster clip than Western analysts previously predicted. "This is the way you really learn how to develop a ballistic missile, and that's what worries me".

"I must assume Kim Jong-un's claims are the truth, because I know his aspirations certainly are". It was a point that was also made by Nikki Haley, the U.S. envoy to the United Nations.

Its state-run KCNA news service alleged that it now has the ability to send a "large-size heavy nuclear warhead" across the Pacific following its test of a Hwasong-12 missile over the weekend. The missile was launched at an unusually high trajectory. An IRBM has a range up to 3,000 to 4,000 kilometers (1,860 to 2,485 miles). North Korea said that the test was a legitimate defense against threats from a hostile US.

Speaking before a closed-door Security Council meeting on Tuesday, Mrs Haley warned countries giving their backing to North Korea to stop or face the consequences.

There may be some future tension over the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) anti-missile system being deployed on South Korean soil, but there is still no word at this time.

Xi told Moon's representative Lee Hae-chan on Friday that his visit showed the importance the new South Korean leader attached to relations with Beijing. He said the launch had been detected by the US THAAD anti-missile system.

Tillerson was also quoted as saying he hopes the North will take chances and "trust the US".

"We will sternly deal with the North, together with the global community", Mr. Moon said during a visit to the Defense Ministry in Seoul, Younhap News Agency reported.

Council diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because the consultations were private, said China never mentioned working with the US on a new sanctions resolution, and both China and Russian Federation said they support a negotiated solution through dialogue.

China rightfully criticizes the THAAD deployment, which damages China's strategic interests and brings no good to the region, Jin said. However, it is already in place and working.

Abe and the lawmaker also took up the ground-breaking 2015 bilateral agreement on the Korean "comfort women", which was meant to resolve the long-standing dispute over Korean women forced to work in Japan's wartime military brothels "finally and irreversibly".

North Korea was also under scrutiny by investigators looking for the source of a major cyberattack affecting more than 150 countries, but the European police agency said it was still too early to determine who caused the chaos.

China's Xi calls for S. Korea ties to get back on track