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Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor

19 Mai 2017

I'm not talking about the word "idiot", even most Republicans would agree that the way Trump has handled the presidency in general, and the Russian Federation controversy in specific is idiotic. There are reasons to believe, for example, that impeachment would not be as strong an issue for Democrats as if they focused on the unpopular Trumpcare health bill which is polling in the 20's and 30's and now moving through the Senate.

Similarly, Alan Dershowitz, one of the country's most prominent scholars on United States constitutional law and criminal law and a leading defender of civil liberties called the accusations against Trump 'most serious charge ever against a sitting U.S. president'.

Some, such as California Rep. Maxine Waters, have explicitly called for impeaching the President.

Castro, of Texas, also fired a warning shot when he called for an investigation from the Justice Department to see if the administration violated court orders related to his controversial travel ban, one of the administration's first initiatives after Trump took office.

"I don't think impeachment is the move right now". John McCain (R-AZ), a long-time Trump opponent, told CBS News's Bob Schieffer, "It's reaching the point where it's of Watergate size and scale".

The events have led some to start weighing the possibility of an impeachment, but according to Nomura this "still seems a distant prospect".

"We've been betting on impeachment for all recent USA presidents but, even at the height of the Lewinsky scandal, Bill Clinton was only ever 6-1 to be impeached", Price said, as cited by

Andrew Johnson went through the process in 1868 after he tried to replace the U.S. secretary of war without congressional permission. "We have to find out the truth of all of these different allegations".

No Republicans have publicly voiced support for impeaching Trump.

Detail of Mr Trump's intervention came in a memo, written by Mr Comey and read by the New York Times, in which he said the President had also suggested he try to imprison journalists who published classified information.

At least two Republicans - Reps.

Can you say "obstruction of justice"?

"There is no real time table", said University of North Carolina constitutional law professor Michael J. Gerhardt.

If right after the November elections, a bettor made a decision to bet on Trump's impeachment within the first term. But he added that "everybody gets a fair trial in this country".

"We need the facts".

"The American people do not participate in democracy just on election day".

Congressman calls for Trump's impeachment on House floor