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Google renames Android Device Manager as 'Find My Device'

19 Mai 2017

Google Assistant to become the universal assistant: Google is now keen to rope in third-party developers to integrate its Google Assistant into nearly anything that is technically feasible. Microsoft with Cortana, Amazon with Alexa, Google with Google Now turned Google Assistant, and with the Galaxy S8 comes newcomer Bixby from Samsung.

Autofill with Google: One of the reasons that people tend to shop with their smartphones but make purchases on laptops is that filling out forms on smartphones can be a pain. The crowd of developers in the audience cheered: millions of new iPhone users to reach for innovative voice-based interactions. The Assistant will be downloadable for free as a standalone app from the Apple App Store.

You've heard rumors about the Android Instant Apps bandied about everywhere.

Google Assistant looks and feels like the natural successor to Google Now. On Google's Pixel phone, there are none of these potential road blocks.

Did you enroll in the Android O Beta Program that launched yesterday?

At I/O 2017, Google announced that it now has two billion activated devices running on Android, not bad for an OS that was written off initially, then threatened by a CEO who was willing to go thermonuclear on it. You can also tap next to each section to begin adding reminders, events, shopping items, etc.

Now Google wants to dive as deep as possible into the iOS operating system. Now Google Release Second Android O Developer Preview.

"We are now witnessing a new shift in computing: the move from a mobile-first to an AI-first world", Google chief executive Sundar Pichai said during an opening presentation. Android O will let you highlight and call that number without having to write it manually or copy and paste it into the caller app. Siri sends you seamlessly into Uber or Lyft apps to order a ride, send a text message via WhatsApp, or post to Twitter. Like when Swiftkey and other third party keyboard apps launched alongside iOS 8, the iOS version that allowed for third party keyboards.

Integrated Apple services typically require an extra step.

More significant is how contextual battery stats have become in Android O. When you enter the battery settings menu, it now displays the amount of drain as a percent and the amount of time each app was in the foreground. Namely, text messaging, and making phone calls.

Both assistants can be summoned with a press of a button to answer questions, manage schedules and handle other routine tasks. But think about the user experience of command line versus search engine. Google Assistant on iPhones has the same features which are seen on Android. Siri is a dominate assistant on iPhone till date. For instance, you ask Assistant to play a song in Spotify.

You'll now see tiny badges placed on app icons to inform you when those apps have new notifications.

Google is constantly getting smarter about context and now whenever you select part of an address, Google will be able to automatically select all the relevant parts so you don't have to fiddle around with those tiny handles.

Google renames Android Device Manager as 'Find My Device'