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Michaela Bradshaw explains the vote chaos — Survivor Game Changers

19 Mai 2017

If our readers have their say, four-time player Cirie Fields will be the victor of "Survivor: Game Changers".

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"I was very surprised that they didn't show how close I felt with Sarah". As soon as you hit the merge, people are going to be looking for a reason to take anybody out, and they're always going to be like, 'Oh, remember Andrea is really good at challenges.' So I don't know. We kind of both felt a little nervous about Sarah, so we were throwing those ideas around. Andrea wonders if they should get Sarah out. While Cirie did not suffer the consequences of her move, her ally Michaela did and took the fall.

Sarah sneaks off to read the advantage Sierra left her.

She's up there, because we worked together for much of the game.

After all of the drama had happened at Tribal, it was Sarah's extra vote that made the difference.

On week after viewers watched the 32-year-old police officer incredibly manipulate Sierra into giving her the legacy advantage after she voted her out on Survivor: Game Changers, Sarah returned with another insane move. However, she probably should have been focusing on prepping for the next immunity challenge. She worries that Tai has a hidden immunity idol. Immunity is back up for grabs.

Andrea, Brad and Aubry's team won the reward which also includes a chance to spend time with their respective loved ones while having a barbeque. While the third time may not have been the charm for Andrea, it was a performance of which she can be proud.

Who did you want to go the furthest in the game with? Aubry builds the house of cards in 6-minutes and breaks the Survivor record held by Aubry. I know everyone thinks that, but it felt that way more this time than my other two seasons. Aubry ran that info to Cirie, who then told it to Sarah.

AB- I'm curious when you're walking away from tribal after you were voted off do you remember the thoughts that were going through your head as you were walking away? She goes to Tai and tearfully tells him that they are gunning for him. She finds Brad out in the jungle and suggests he go fishing. What was her end game?

Since Aubry was out of the loop during last Tribal Council, she was emotional. I thought maybe Tai was kept out of the loop because sometimes he's just left out of the loop. I really admired that tenacity.

Aubry is in tears about Andrea being voted off (we are, too, because we had Andrea in the office pool). Let's just get back to camp. Cirie tells Sarah it was so she could vote out Tai and use Sarah's vote to vote out Tai too since Sarah wasn't going to write his name down. I think it echoed the feelings that many people at home were feeling. The survivors must stand on a pole in the water and use a bucket on a rope to pull up water and pour it into a tube to raise a stick with a key on it. Whom did she want to bring to the final 3? Culpepper thinks he has the puzzle. Everyone was certainly desperate to win the Individual Immunity.

Tai says he's not being targeted, but Cirie does a good job of convincing him that they are. Maku Maku eliminated and seemingly blindsided Andrea at Tribal Council on Night 33 of the game with six out of eight votes from Michaela, Sarah Lacina, Cirie Fields, Brad Culpepper, Tai Trang, and Troy "Troyzan" Robertson. Everyone is whispering- I remember specifically Sarah going to Tai - and then I straight up asked Tai - what did she just tell you? Not only were Cirie and Sarah friends, but Cirie thought Sarah would be a great person to take to the end since she flip-flopped during the game and pissed so many people off. Oops. Chaos ensues. Sarah whispers something to Tai. She approaches Aubry and Cirie. They also teamed up to get rid of Andrea earlier. If she plays again, I imagine that advice will stick and the friendship they formed will serve her for years to come.

"I had been thinking of several different things". Jeff comments that it appears fear is part of the group. Sarah says wait, "that is my vote and it says it can not be stolen". Zeke and Cirie were two people that did not treat me like that. Sarah argues the vote is non-transferable and it says it on the bottom. Not knowing Cirie's grand plan, Sarah became upset and said that advantage is non-transferable. Cirie obviously tried to show off for the jury with that move, but by Sarah taking control of the situation and directly voting out her partner, Sarah got to show off. This led her to join a final four pact with Tai, Troyzan and Michaela. Everyone gets up and starts taking. As well, Michaela was the target by being guilty by association with Cirie. Instead, she said it was due to lack of time - which is exactly what Sarah wanted. As per the aforementioned source, in a poll conducted, people have voted for four-time player Cirie Fields to be the victor of the show. In the end, it was surprisingly Michaela who was voted out.

And just like that, the game has ended for two more Game Changers.

Michaela Bradshaw explains the vote chaos — Survivor Game Changers