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More immigrants arrested, fewer deported under Trump

19 Mai 2017

The number of noncriminal, undocumented immigrants arrested also doubled.

Brian Root, a quantitative analyst at Human Rights Watch said the data "confirms the heartbreaking stories we are reading everywhere are not isolated instances - an increase in interior arrests, especially of people with no criminal histories".

The police chief's comments highlighted a sharp division between federal officials and some local law enforcement officials over the degree to which local agencies should be involved in immigration enforcement.

"We're going to push 100 percent to continue doing what we're doing", Homan said.

CBS2 waited months for immigration authorities to approve its request to follow officers on an operation.

The release announcing the "100 days" figures noted the April 13 arrest of Jose Victor Bonilla-Melendez, one of ICE's most-wanted fugitives, whom agents picked up after he was featured in a report.

It was still early morning when the officers pulled up to a waterfront home about 30 miles away in Newport Beach, where they found Adalberto Magana-Gonzalez, who had been hired to work on a boat docked behind the house. It is believed he stayed at the mansion as a groundskeeper.

The other two bills, introduced by Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, would serve as authorizations for ICE and US Citizenship and Immigration Services, codifying the mission statements of both entities.

But Homan said ICE is like any other law-enforcement agency.

"A nation without borders is not a nation", Trump said at the time.

"I don't think it's fair", Alves-Flores said in an interview. He and his team have faced scrutiny from all sides.

In Colorado and Wyoming, there were 812 people arrested over almost the same time period this year - from January 20 to April 29.

Some advocates questioned whether ICE is truly prioritizing the most serious criminals.

"The subject was actually sleeping in the living room, on the couch", Field said.

"ICE's celebratory announcement that it arrested more people than previous year misrepresents the true workings of Trump's deportation force", said Chris Rickerd, a policy counsel at the ACLU.

But ICE officials say there should be no delineation between criminals and non-criminals, despite Trump's executive order giving clear "priority" to "aliens convicted of any criminal offense", when it comes to undocumented immigrants. ICE says he is a convicted child-sex offender.

Another criminal immigrant, also deported at least five times, Nicodemo Coria-Gonzales, is suspected of being responsible for almost a dozen sexual assaults in Austin, Texas.

More immigrants arrested, fewer deported under Trump