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Rouhani warns Revolutionary Guards not to meddle in Iran election

19 Mai 2017

Incumbent President Hassan Rouhani looks set to win the presidency again, but conservative cleric Ibrahim Raisi is seen as posing a threat to Rouhani.

Although the role of the Iranian president is limited and greatly dependent of the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ali Khamenei, the parliament and the Revolution Guard it can also be for the one who is elected open the door of the Supreme Leader seat, the highest-ranking political and religious authority in the Islamic Republic of Iran that is chosen by the Assembly of Experts.

Mr. Rouhani's signature foreign-policy achievement over the course of his four-year rule has been signing a multilateral agreement that lifted economic sanctions in exchange for the destruction of thousands of centrifuges, increased monitoring of Iran's nuclear facilities, and limits on future uranium enrichment.

INU -Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, a "moderate", took over from radical president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Ahmadinejad, who ran on a populist platform that sought to redistribute wealth across Iranian society, had no interest in curtailing Iran's nuclear program and questioned Israel's right to exist. Reformist leadership has been vocal in its support for the current president, as have several imprisoned leaders of the 2009 Green Movement and former President Mohammad Khatami. "But he is more used to grilling politicians in the comfortable shade of the judiciary than standing in the blazing sun of public eye", said Hossein Rassam, a former Iran adviser to Britain's Foreign Office. Iranians living in Oklahoma will also have the chance to vote in Oklahoma City. "An unelected body named the "Guardian Council", whose members are appointed by supreme leader Ayatollah Khamenei, disqualifies most of the candidates". According to video clips from Iran, the pictures were accompanied by slogans such as "No to murderer Raisi, no to imposter Rouhani, Our vote: Regime overthrow".

A supporter of Iranian Presidential candidate Ebrahim Raisi holds his poster during a campaign rally in Tehran, Iran, May 17, 2017.

Ibrahim Raisi, Rouhani's biggest competition in the race for presidency is an Islamic jurist, and custodian of the biggest (and wealthiest) Islamic shrine in the country, as well as being the Supreme Leader's "favourite". But if he loses the election by a wide margin, that path is less likely, as his backers would struggle to justify his ascension to absolute power when voters didn't even want him to be president.

His hardline opponent, 56-year-old cleric Ebrahim Raisi, has vowed to stick by the nuclear deal, but said the government had made too many concessions to the West and failed to "cash the cheque" offered by the accord.

Rouhani believes in detente with the West and even with the United States, and he has, to some extent, achieved this, Zibakalam said, adding that "he will try to maintain good and warm relations with many other countries if he is reelected". But Alireza Nader at the RAND Corporation thinks that although Rouhani's campaign rhetoric is created to make him sound tough and determined, his ability and desire to translate words into deeds will be limited should he be re-elected. For the first time, Iranian steel products were shipped to China and Brazil. Its economy was beginning to rebound.

On Wednesday, the U.S. Trump administration extended sanctions relief stemming from the 2015 global nuclear deal. These people have been hailed by the leader of the opposition as a beacon of light for the people of Iran who so desperately want the freedom and democracy that they deserve. Reformist-Activist Mostafa Tajzadeh was quoted by FP, saying that although he is anxious that promise of cash might influence the poor and unemployed voters, he also points out how the Iranian middle-class and liveral voters are unenthusiastic about the elections.

Rouhani warns Revolutionary Guards not to meddle in Iran election