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Teams calling about D'Angelo Russell after NBA Draft Lottery

19 Mai 2017

The rest of the league was intently watching because with those 2 franchises landing on top, it increases the likelihood of a blockbuster trade this summer involving someone such as Paul George or Jimmy Butler. The pick originally belonged to the Nets, but Boston was able to acquire it in a 2013 trade that has paid off enormously well for the Celtics. But the noise surrounding him might be too much for a contending team and the prospect of drafting someone so adamant about being a Laker might be enough to turn them off of Lonzo. Though they had one of the league's most explosive offenses, particularly after making Nikola Jokic the starting center in December, their biggest downfall was an anemic defense that ranked 29th in the National Basketball Association, ahead of only the Lakers.

It could take the form of Washington combo guard Markelle Fultz, the natural born scorer this team so desperately needs to complement Isaiah Thomas. If it happens, we'll figure out how to play together. "You have to build on this momentum", said Pierce. You have a young person that you can really help mold and grow with. You can coach him up.

And the Lakers will get a chance to take one of them after beating the odds to move up. And so our intention would be to make the pick unless someone blows us away with an offer. "We're looking for the best player at this point to fit what we need". Lonzo, who was born in Anaheim, played high school ball at Chino Hills and spent his lone collegiate season at UCLA, has an opportunity to play for his hometown team next season just like he stated. He'll need to get stronger to handle the bigger and more experienced players he'll encounter at times in the National Basketball Association, and is a little spastic at times gambling and getting lost off the ball, but his combination of intensity, athleticism and instincts leaves a great deal of room for optimism in his upside on this end of the floor.

Will another team step up to the plate? There's a lot of luck involved and we're sitting here right now in the Eastern Conference finals with the No. 1 pick. But I will not go to Boston and do all this ranting and raving. Rebuilding isn't easy, and draft picks provide very little certainty, but having the second pick this year at least puts Los Angeles into the best situation now possible to bring their team back from the brink. The Lakers also have the No. 28 pick, which in normal years might not mean much but could be important with this year's deep draft class.

Could Utah's Gordon Hayward join Avery Bradley as a member of the Celtics next season? "I think the Lakers obviously were very, very fortunate in the draw, and they're off to a great start".

There weren't many players better to put on the orange and blue of the Knicks. He'd become an understudy to current All-Star point guard Isaiah Thomas.

Thomas wouldn't divulge the full nature of their conversations but said Fultz is excited for the possibility of being the top pick and playing in Boston. In the 2017 NBA Playoffs, Hayward and the Jazz found themselves swept by the Golden State Warriors. Boston will select first for the first time since the lottery began in 1985.

They beat Washington in Game 7 of the second round on Monday and open the Eastern Conference finals at home on Wednesday against Cleveland. There was a 96 percent chance the Nuggets would land the 13th pick, and that is now where they are officially scheduled to select during the draft on June 22.

Teams calling about D'Angelo Russell after NBA Draft Lottery