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The Movie "Aliens" Gets the Honest Trailer Treatment

19 Mai 2017

And people say you never get a good shot of an alien! But it can be! Just don't go in expecting Alien, go in expecting Prometheus 2.

Alien: Covenant releases in North America and other countries this weekend a week after the movie released in Australia, New Zealand and others.

That black alien with the teeth, that's the "Alien", right?

Now, finally with Alien: Covenant, we have a worthy installment to the franchise, one that fans can faithfully hope will be built upon in exhilarating ways.

It's clear the "Alien" anthology's Weyland Corporation doesn't have the most stringent of hiring practices.

Hints referring to past "Alien" movies reward eagle-eyed viewers, including references to the crew in the movie "Prometheus".

So, how Alien-y was Prometheus?

"Alien: Covenant" is set 10 years after "Prometheus", which took place in 2093, so now we're in 2103, about two decades prior to the events of "Alien", and if that doesn't mess with your mind, wait until you see the Dueling Fassbenders portion of the current movie. Which was kind of true then and kind of not true now.

By getting the ball rolling on the alien being brought to life at the end of Prometheus, his actions are likely to carry some major consequences in Alien: Covenant. But Scott also hinted that there could be another prequel to Alien: Covenant. It was a cool opportunity to be in a film where I don't have to do a lot of dancing around and just make jokes. Although, who knows? The dude turns 80 this year and shows zero signs of slowing down. Prometheus is the Greek god who created mankind and Prometheus, the movie, is about the search for mankind's creators. Bound for a remote planet on the far side of the universe, they think they are headed for an uncharted paradise. Ill-advisedly, the crew, led mostly by the co-captain (Katherine Waterston) and the ship's android helper (Michael Fassbender), head down there to check it out.

The actors do their best to give a modicum of life to their characters, and Fassbender is clearly having fun in the dual role of David and a later-model synthetic named Walter. "I always remember it always being Billy", he jokes.

Then the disappointing, and entirely unnecessary, Alien vs Predator spin-off series dragged the franchise into the swamp in the 2000s. Anything? Nope. This is a prequel, so all of those movies follow Covenant, chronologically. While the first sequence of blood and horror from when the crew arrive on the planet should go down as a franchise highlight, much of the film's later moments of distress come from this entity. They plan for the block to feature hour-long series, short-form programs, and other formats. And that James Franco is one of them. Sigourney Weaver does not make a cameo.

And this being a sequel to Prometheus, there are hints of that movie's themes about human origins-but in John Logan, Dante Harper, Jack Paglen and Michael Green's script, the hints are so oblique that they tend to get lost in the shuffle of Scott's otherworldly atmospherics and all the mini-monster chest-hatchings.

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