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Toomey says GOP striving for middle ground on Medicare expansion

19 Mai 2017

The American Health Care Act, recently passed by the House, is now in the Senate where it is expected to undergo many changes.

Activists protesting the GOP health care bill. But some people with individual coverage worry about the proposed changes, including Rachael Rice, a self-employed 28-year-old Mount Washington consultant for people who have dementia. Pay careful attention. Your health care may need you to pay attention and actually learn the facts.

Toomey, a member of the select 13-senator group working on a compromise bill, said reducing the funding in 2020 is "probably too sudden and problematic for some state budgets".

Access Health also is feeling the fallout from the general public's uncertainty about the future of health care. It's different, they say, when it comes to healthcare. For a family of four, that was $97,200 in 2016, according to state Department of Health and Human Services. These are questions going through the minds of people who, many for the first time, are able to get care under the Affordable Care Act. Gambling that you won't get hurt or sick is such a bad idea, Obamacare required Americans to get coverage.

In the coming weeks, Congress will continue our work to improve our health care system, while reducing federal spending, and maintaining access to health care for America's most vulnerable populations.

Medicaid is central to the congressional discussion about Obamacare and the federal-state financial relationship. It would also allow states to opt out of coverage of pre-existing conditions and to impose "lifetime caps" on coverage.

The two remaining insurers on Connecticut's health insurance exchange now have until September 1 to decide whether to return in 2018, the exchange's CEO said Thursday.

The failed law has created a health-care system that is simply unsustainable and fails to provide quality care. Furthermore, the AHCA provides states with $138 billion in funding which can be used to support high-risk pools and cut out-of-pocket costs for families in California. The authors calculated a 56-percentage-point increase in obtaining regular medical care for those in the sample with chronic health conditions.

"This includes 6.3 million people (or 23 percent of everyone with at least a several-month gap) who have a pre-existing condition that would have led to a denial of insurance in the pre-ACA individual market and would lead to a substantial premium surcharge under AHCA community rating waiver".

Under the AHCA, individual states can apply for waivers to be exempt from this ACA provision and base premiums on health status factors.

In Ohio, more than half of the patients in our children's hospitals are covered by the Medicaid program. The House plan preserves the Obamacare ban against insurers denying coverage to people with medical conditions. For one, the tax credits under the GOP bill are less generous for certain groups of people - particularly lower-income and older consumers - than the current Obamacare subsidies, meaning more people could have a harder time affording continuous coverage.

Toomey says GOP striving for middle ground on Medicare expansion