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Trump Attacks James Comey on Twitter

19 Mai 2017

Sanders issued a statement that said, in part, "Once again this is a completely false story driven by people who want to distract from the success taking place in this administration".

The president tweeted, "As a very active President with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with ideal accuracy!"

In his tweets on Friday, Trump wrote that, "As a very active president with lots of things happening, it is not possible for my surrogates to stand at podium with flawless accuracy!"

They started with garbage about the inaugural crowds and continued through voting fraud, intelligence plans and, now, the president's Tuesday decision to fire FBI Director James B. Comey.

In the tweet, Trump warned Comey that he may have "tapes" of their conversations he could brandish should Comey go to the media with his account of the events that led to his firing.

Donald Trump was reportedly unhappy with how his press team handled fallout from Tuesday's decision to fire Mr Comey, so he's taken things into his own hands.

In the afternoon, White House press secretary Sean Spicer repeatedly refused to say definitively whether recording devices had been placed in the White House, and he tried to downplay the notion that the president threatened the former Federal Bureau of Investigation director.

Just days before the presidential election, Comey announces the FBI is reopening its investigation into Clinton's email on the back of evidence found on Weiner's laptop.

"That was a DOJ decision", Spicer said. Multiple officials, including Pence, said the president was acting at the behest of Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

"No, I didn't, but I don't think it would be a bad question to ask", Trump told Fox News Channel in an interview set to air in full on Saturday.

On Thursday, the White House's deputy press speaker, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, was forced to answer for the administration's conflicting reports on Comey's dismissal. I hope you won't either. "The Deputy Attorney General...made a very strong recommendation".

He said in an NBC News interview on Thursday that Mr Comey told him once over dinner and twice by telephone that he is not under investigation.

"I have long believed that a President can fire an FBI Director for any reason, or for no reason at all", Comey told former colleagues in a letter he delivered.

White House Correspondents' Association President Jeff Mason said in an email that briefings and press conferences continue to "provide substantive and symbolic opportunities for journalists to pose questions to officials at the highest levels of the US government". Sanders denied the information she previously supplied was inaccurate and contended the narratives actually matched closely.

"It was a quick-moving process", she said.

The beginning of Trump's latest tweet-storm had him addressing the media and toying with the idea of doing away with press briefings altogether.

Mr Schumer said he hoped that Mr Sessions would also speak to senators separately on the firing of Mr Comey.

White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway told CNN that Mr Trump had taken the recommendation of Mr Rosenstein for Mr Comey's sacking. Everyone knows, as Kellyanne Conway has reminded us, that we need to decipher what is in our Dear Leader's heart. "We look forward to your review and a report on your findings", they wrote.

Trump Attacks James Comey on Twitter