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Trump to embark on first overseas trip

19 Mai 2017

"We are witnessing now a change in the tone, change in policy" from Trump, he said.

"We believe that this summit is going to focus the world's attention on the need to work together in partnership in order to defeat the scourge of terrorism and the ideology behind it", Jubeir said. And we have the G-7. "The great thing about a trip, they control the environment, you control the interaction, you control the agenda and you control the press access".

Keith did not immediately comment on the trip to Saudi Arabia. She'll join her father for some events, but will also hold some of her own, the official said. One of them - Herbert C. Hoover - did not travel overseas as president.

Lastly, many in the Arab World see Trump's election and his arrival in the White House as proof of the weakness of the U.S. Many Arabs say they see Trump as an unusual figure and find it hard to understand how he became president of the U.S.

"With the safety, security and interest of the American people as my priority, I will strengthen old friendships and will seek new partners, but partners who also help us, not partners who take and take and take", Trump said. And go back to the '90s. The day trip marked the only time Trump has set foot in his wife's home country.

There's essentially no escape from domestic politics for presidents no matter where they are.

Saudi Arabia confirmed on Thursday that it would sign commercial and political deals with the USA during President Donald Trump's visit to Riyadh next week, Al Arabiya local news reported.

Trump is widely expected to unveil a massive arms deal in Saudi Arabia, and will huddle with leaders of Muslim-majority nations to discuss how to respond to Iran's power projection in the region.

Trump's hosts on his upcoming trip are well-aware of his aversion to travel and are trying to make accommodations to keep him happy. His advisers say he wanted to visit these three major religious centers to deliver a message of unity in the fight against terrorism. This is not a battle about cultures. Trump, whose denunciations of Iran have been welcomed by the Saudis, wants to frame the conflict not as one between the West and Islam, but simply between good and evil, according to his aides. And he, as his national security adviser put it recently, will call on these Muslim leaders to promote a peaceful vision of Islam.

Trump's instinct, instead, is to fight back against critics he believes are trying to destroy his presidency through the Russian Federation investigation.

Trump has provided two very distinct perspectives when it comes to foreign policy: One who sees Americans are being taken "advantage of", wants to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem and views North Atlantic Treaty Organisation as obsolete.

Trump - who will also visit Israel, Belgium and Italy during the trip - will join a short list of presidents who chose not to visit a USA neighbor before traveling further afield.

"We are expecting to have nearly 37 leaders, kings and heads of state".

"He can look presidential and it gets him away from a flood of problems at home", said Henry Brady, Dean of the U.C. Berkeley Goldman School of Public Policy. He's going to push for that. And one symbolic way that they'll do that is with the unveiling of an Article 5 Memorial, which will memorialize how North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries responded to help America following the 9/11 attack.

Also reported by local news organizations to be attending are President Fuad Masum of Iraq, President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi of Egypt, President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan and Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan.

Trump's dash to Riyadh shows not only the importance of the oil-rich kingdom, but a desire on the part of the White House to mend ties damaged due to Obama's overtures towards Iran. Tamara, thanks so much.