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Watch Melissa McCarthy Take Her Spicer Impression to the Streets on 'SNL'

19 Mai 2017

Spicer then told Thrush to shut up after he had asked a follow up question.

Trump later was asked if FBI Director James Comey was sacked because of the ongoing probe into Russian interference of last year's election.

McCarthy, as Spicer, proceeds to take control of the briefing, announcing "Spicey's back!" First question, the Michelin Man. "The press interview is over!"

Whatever Sean Spicer's fate at the White House, McCarthy's place on SNL's roster of political heavyweights is practically assured. You may have missed it if you didn't watch it closely, but SNL also poked fun at Trump's close ties to Putin with a doll of the shirtless Russian president as well.

The journalists continue to ask why, in their view, he continues to humiliate himself every day defending the president and suggest the president might be lying to him.

Then a reporter asked, "Were you surprised Trump fired Comey before he fired you?" "I'm going to New York", Spicer declared before jetting off on his motorized podium. McCarthy's Spicer stumbles upon a New York Post cover announcing he might get fired, picks up gum from the sidewalk to eat (ew), and venturing to Trump Tower. McCarthy's angry Spicer announces after storming into the room following the suggestion that Sanders simply replace him.

The famously mercurial president was reportedly impressed with Sanders' press briefing on Wednesday, igniting rumors that he was considering her as a replacement for Spicer.

"I'm famous, it's OK", Baldwin said, in a reference to the leaked 2005 video where Trump said he could get away with grabbing women because he's famous. She doesn't have your special spice, salt and pepper.

Spicer defended his boss, saying that he endures POTUS' abuse because they're friends.

"You are articulate and charming, whereas Sean is bullish", another adds.

"I can't. I have a wife".

Finally, she found Baldwin's Trump playing with a toy in the Oval Office.

And then, boom. You guessed it.

A kiss of death, perhaps?

"Come on!" McCarthy's spicer yells riding her podium through traffic.

Oh, but McCarthy has just begun.

"Can you just do this full time?" one reporter asked.

Oh, the things Spicey will go through to make it to Trump.

Watch Melissa McCarthy Take Her Spicer Impression to the Streets on 'SNL'