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Android Go may come to India around Diwali

20 Mai 2017

To help it go toe to toe with Amazon in the home, new Google Home features include the ability to handle transactions, along with "proactive assistance" which will allow the speaker to alert users to important issues such as calendar appointments, traffic congestion requiring earlier departure times and flight delays.

Google said its new version of emojis will be released later this year, timed with the forthcoming new Android operating system.

If you're still on the fence about whether Google Home will be a great buy for a home like yours that has many smart appliances, the announcement from Google I/O today should finally convince you. Uploaded to Google Photos on Wednesday night by Reddit user "rick8rocker," the gallery of screenshots covers just about everything there is to cover.

Google recently launched the Android O public beta and it will make Android devices work better and faster without sacrificing its battery life.

Google's new set of emoji will roll out both for Android and its myriad of supporting services like Gmail, Google Drive, and more.

Micromax, Karbonn and Lava partnered with Google on Android One, a 2014 initiative that didn't take off as their phones competed with their existing portfolio on price, while the Alphabet-owned company was unable to communicate the differentiation or benefits of these devices. Many will be using low-priced or second-hand phones and their data access may be limited by network coverage or cost. These can be selected as preferred news sources in the Google Assistant settings and Google Home mobile app. In the real world, that means you could, for instance, point your phone camera at a restaurant and get reviews for it.

Sending money over instant messenger isn't a new feature. According to the company, the service will "roll out over the next few weeks" to all Android devices running the Google Play app.

Google has moved to split these recommendations so that services such as Netflix and YouTube get their own row, or channel, as Google calls it.

As part of a years-old tradition, Google will name the next Android version after a dessert or sweet-tasting snack beginning with the letter "O".

This step will allow Google to help its users to buy online things easily as one can choose its mode of payment and preferred card, enter the code and then just simply check out. And the scrollbar in the Apps view is really neat, highlight app icons with different first letters as you go.

According to the Help description of the service, Play Protect "periodically scans your device" and will alert users if an app has been removed because it was labeled unsafe.