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China to lift ban on USA beef imports after deal

20 Mai 2017

"While we welcome the news that China intends to reopen its market to USA beef, steps must be taken to ensure the benefits from this expanded market flow all the way back to the farmers and ranchers who comprise the USA live cattle supply chain, and are not captured by the multinational meatpackers who will actually export the beef".

The deal was praised by president of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, Craig Uden.

The Trump administration has signed a trade deal with China.

"This is a little bit of a change and is something that calms our community down because it is clear the administration is looking to find markets and work out some of these issues that have been a problem for a long time".

China and the United States have reached a comprehensive trade deal well within their 100-day deadline, with Beijing promising to open some financial services to U.S. players, to buy USA gas and to end restrictions on beef imports.

The effects of the deal are expected to become more apparent in the longer term, as it will take time to build infrastructure and find markets within the country, according to Petry, who said Canada previously negotiated a deal for beef imports to China and the effects have been positive but slow to materialize.

The unexpectedly friendly meeting between the United States and Chinese presidents in April is showing signs of bearing fruit - but it is not clear how much.

It also suggests still wider room for compromise.

The 10-point trade plan addresses other industries such as energy, but China watchers say it doesn't go far enough to tackle President Donald Trump's goal of job creation. American beef exports dropped from $3 billion to $1.1 billion by 2004, but the market has since recovered to pre-2003 levels without exporting to China.

China stopped importing USA beef in 2003 when mad cow disease became a problem for some herds. We have all the ingredients for a good trade deal with a market that is absolutely seeking the kind of high-quality beef the United States of America has to offer. We'll have more on what could turn up in our grocery stores in a moment. The deficit with China represented about 60 percent of the country's total deficit a year ago of $500.6 billion.

Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts, a Republican, welcomed the trade announcement.

In 2016, the Governor led a trade mission to China to share the story of Nebraska beef with potential customers in anticipation of the market re-opening.

"China has different food safety standards", he said.

The President hailed the agreement Friday, tweeting, "China just agreed that the US will be allowed to sell beef, and other major products, into China once again".

But a report by Capital Economics consultancy saw "paltry trade benefits" from the deal because it would amount to "just a few billion dollars". The deficit with China represented about 60 percent of last year's total deficit of $500.6 billion.

The US and China also agreed to open up US exports of liquefied natural gas to China, which could be a boon for both countries.

In addition, NCBA expects China would be interested in the same beef products popular in other Asian countries - products that don't see high demand in the USA - boosting the overall value of a carcass, he said.

China to lift ban on USA beef imports after deal