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Cyber should be wake-up call for govts

20 Mai 2017

If you're facing a ransom demand and locked out of your files, law enforcement and cybersecurity experts discourage paying ransoms because it gives incentives to hackers and pays for their future attacks.

Online security breaches on a small scale are a recurring hazard of modern life.

"The interesting thing about WannaCry is that it's our weapons being used against us".

In case of any ransomware attack, report Action Fraud.

A single employee opening an attachment in a single email can lead to a ransomware attack that makes it impossible for an organisation to function until the ransom is paid. The Wall Street Journal reported that the last comparable cyberattack was the Conficker worm, which wreaked havoc in late 2008. "Unfortunately, most people don't have them", Abrams says. This security patch was issued to help avoid spread of the Wannacry ransomware on the thousands of users still now using this dated operating system. Copycat software, too, is a real concern.

FedEx, French automaker Renault and Spanish telecommunications firm Telefonica are among those attacked.

The tools behind the attack originated within the NSA.

When asked how safe his bank was, he replied that Bandhan Bank had adopted proactive security measures. It's a good idea to back up files to a drive that remains entirely disconnected from your network. Recovery from backups is one of them.

China's public security network inflected by Wanna Cry ransomware.

He said the attack did not have any specific targets. With data decryption usually priced in the hundreds of dollars, many organizations find it easier to pay and move on; the leading cybersecurity firm Trend Micro recently researched United Kingdom organizations who have received ransomware in the past two years and found that nearly two-thirds of those it surveyed paid the ransom.

Renault stopped production at several sites on Saturday to prevent the spread of a global cyber-attack that hit its computer systems. Many organizations remained vulnerable, however, for a few reasons. There are two types of updates, one is at the server level and one at the machine level. "The money they made from these customers hasn't expired; neither has their responsibility to fix defects". Once connected to the Internet through port 445 (a port for document sharing protocols), all computers running a Windows operating system would be subjected to attack if they had not downloaded the security update patches issued in March 2017.

In a BBC interview, Wallace said focus should be orientated towards uncovering why security patches weren't uniformly installed across the NHS, since NHS Digital sent a link to the latest Windows XP security patch to NHS organisations at the end of April. No matter what operating system you use, keep on top of when updates are released and install as soon as you can. Applications, routers and other hardware, and even internet-ready devices like security cameras and thermostats should be promptly and regularly updated. Experts regularly advise using a unique password for every site.

Cyber should be wake-up call for govts