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Google Goes After Part of Apple's Market

20 Mai 2017

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Google made a big deal out of Google Lens at its I/O 2017 opening keynote, and if it works as is claimed then it's something with which we can all get onboard.

While I was using the app and service directory (or as Google probably calls it, "Explore"), the thought occurred to me: why don't all voice assistants have this feature?

Here's some screenshots you can check out to preview the feature.

Pinterest has a similar tool. Lock your phone remotely or display a message on the lock screen, so if someone finds it they know who to contact. For instance, Photos will notice when you take a shot of a friend and nudge you to send it to her, so you don't forget. In other words, the best new features Android has to offer have precious little to do with Android itself.

The next version of Android, available to the mass market later this year, aims to gauge and control how much battery life your apps are using. The Play Store will also highlight Go-optimized apps, and Google will provide low-spec versions of its own applications, including Chrome, Gboard, and Youtube.

Unlike other Android version, Google is adding machine learning in Android O to make selecting/highlighting easier. Video is one of the most popular uses for smartphones, and it's also the fastest way to use up your monthly allotment of data.

Google's new Google Assistant app will surely make changes to the users' minds as we can see a number of impressive features on this app which are not available on the Siri app of the existing iPhone users. Essentially, the feature lets you input an "Ok Google" command as well as the reply you wish Assistant gives you for that specific query. This one will indeed speak French in June next on all our smartphones, Android as iOS. There is even a short description what the job is all about as well as an "Apply" button that will take the job seeker to the company's main web page.

Google Goes After Part of Apple's Market