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Google has released a new version of Android

20 Mai 2017

"I/O" stands for input/output, as well as the slogan "Innovation in the Open".

The new emoji design was given by Fast Company and the redesigning process has taken 18 months.

Android's mobile dominance hasn't stopped growing. Android is still King of the mobile industry and there are over 2 billion monthly global users.

Android Go is set to make its appearance in 2018 and will target Android devices with memories up to and including 1 GB.

Earlier this week Google held its I/O conference where it showcased some of the the new features it plans to introduce across its wide range of products.

Since the device will be powered by less than 1GB of RAM, it will have its own Google Play store where apps are handcrafted exclusively to support the phone's capability. Essentially you can point Google Lens at an object and it will understand what that represents.

Users will be able to long-press the app icon with Notification Dot and it will show notification in a tiny pop-up window. The blobs, as they came to be called, are seen on all Google platforms, including Gmail, Google+ and during Google Hangouts. The Beta version will available for download on Nexus and Pixel Devices from today.

So while Android O doesn't exactly feature anything ground breaking it does appear as if Google is trying its best to improve the operating system for users. And now people are waiting to use the updated AI.

Google already uses the sensors of your phone for that very goal, said Hafsteinsson.

Google will zero in on Android O as the core of the phone. Google for Jobs is going to be released over the next few weeks to the United States first.

You will be able to use the Google Assistant to send money to friends and more, you can see more details about this below.

Android Go platform for entry-level devices: Android Go is a liter version of the Android targets entry-level smartphones. And even Cortana is loaded with functionality, but how many of you ask it to do more than just remind you about stuff? Google announced this week that its assistant is already installed on over 100 million Android phones and Google Home speakers. You can give them access to your full photo library or, if you prefer, only photos of certain people or from a certain date forward. This is being called as "Suggested Sharing".

So it might be a win-win situation for both Google and its partners. They will have to confirm the transaction to receive the payment.

Google has released a new version of Android